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Beta Problem...Future Problem?

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The only time I've had any "stuttering" in the Beta is when I first load the game, and when I use vault with the passive (but this is rubberbanding).

This "stuttering" is not an issue, and is common with every game currently (even WoW).

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I started encountering stuttering after patch 7 I think. Not just in the beginning of loading but during play. I'll run around and then my character will stutter. It'll only stop once I left go of the click and click again. It's been mention a bit in the beta bug report section but people seem to encounter during different scenarios.

Some it happens on all characters. Some get it while using the DH vault skill.

Before whatever patch it was that I first got it, the game was running pretty smooth.. so I think it's either a coding issue or lag from server. I believe the mass invite happened right around patch 7 and the servers kept going down. That's when I first encountered this problem
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01/13/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Smashingzwan
Is this "Stutter" you're referring to a sudden drop in frame rate? It's common with a ton of players right now who aren't running the very top end of graphics cards.

The stutter being discussed (and yes, it is a sudden/brief drop in framerate, almost to the point of the game locking up) occurs only the first couple of times a new game asset is loaded (ie. the first couple times you use a skill, the first time you see a particular monster, etc).

After that the game runs flawlessly.

I could be wrong, as I'm not that technically savvy, but if it were a video card issue, wouldn't the stuttering be more uniform during play?

I'm not entirely sure about the situation to be honest. Between my friends and I, I've personally seen the D3 beta run on 4 different PC's. Two of them were fairly low performance PC's and you could notice these stutters constantly throughout the game, especially when using any abilities. The third PC was fairly high performance and you could notice the stutters rarely. They happened upon start up for about 10 seconds and then very rarely after that if there was a massive mob of enemies approaching and the person would start spamming spells. The last PC is my friend's rig where he's running SLI GTX 580's and has his beta stored on his 240GB solid state drive. I'm not sure if it's just the cards or if it's the SSD, but he gets no lag whatsoever from what I observed.

I'm not really that technical savvy either, but from what I observed, it doesn't appear to be entirely an issue with the game itself when referring to these stutters.
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Possible reference/relation:

"Getting rid of stuttering issue"
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