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i need a gg movie

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01/17/2012 02:02 AMPosted by MaximusPrime
Big Trouble in Little China

with a box cover like that, can't do it... especially after i just watched some of Dead Alive

edit: snatch it is
edit edit: after Lost Highway
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01/17/2012 02:03 AMPosted by Boscher
edit edit: after Lost Highway

Post back afterwards, I'm interested in what you think of it. :)
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wuts email

u can del after i swoop
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12 monkeys!
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V for Vendetta
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Seven. It's amazing. And directed by david fincher. If you've already seen it, I'd recommend The Game. Same director and in my opinion an equally good film. If you like those then I would always recommend any movie by him.
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No one has mentioned Boondock Saints. shame shame.

I will second Snatch - and if you like Snatch add Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and RocknRolla.

Brotherhood of the Wolf. amazing French film, so has subtitles.

Equilibrium is a lesser known title as well. Christian Bale is the main character, some people hate him though... lol.
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Man can't believe you're not watching my fav movie of all time "Oldboy" because it has subs but to each his own i guess. My other suggestion would be my number two film 12 Angry Men the 1957 version with Henry Fonda. If you don't want to see one of the greatest films ever made because it's old, you could watch one of the many remakes which aren't horrible by any means but don't come close to being as good, the last Russian remake was quite good I will say, a little different but good.

If you change your mind about subs I would have more than a few more movies, like Infernal Affairs, I saw the Devil, No sympathy for Mr Revenge, Lady Vengeance, Joint Security Area, Battle Royale, ect. And yes I'm a fan Chan Wook Park (obviously).
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Child's play

Child's play 2 - Sorry Jack

Child's play 3 - Look who's stalking
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A Boy and His Dog. It was based on the novella by Harlan Ellison. Anyone remember seeing that?
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Enemy at the Gates:

This movie is about two snipers in World War II during the battle of Stalingrad.
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Tucker & Dale vs Evil (comedy/horror) on netflix
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How has no one mentioned Groundhog Day? It's probably my favorite movie ever. I saw it a few times when I was younger and just thought it was a quirky comedy with a unique premise. But I've watched it a few more times recently and see how it's actually a subtle, yet still deep philosophical look at what it means to be a good person. Seriously, if everyone watched Groundhog Day and seriously considered the points it makes, the world would be a better place. It's also very funny and one of Bill Murray's best performances.

If you want good comedy, sci-fi, action and a touch of romance, check out Red vs. Blue. Yeah, it's not a traditional movie, but it has better comedy, sci-fi and action than most movies. It starts out a little rough, but they got better as they kept making them. At first, it's mainly a comedy, but later on, the tone gets a bit more serious and the story gets a lot more compelling with a huge twist. Start with season 1, http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?sid=rvb&v=more
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Liar Liar is great, if you haven't already seen it.
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The silence of the Lambs.
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Inglorious Bastards is prob'ly the best movie. Doesn't quite fit your timeframe, but one could argue that it has existed before time.
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Not willing to watch a movie with subtitles? Then you're not worthy to hear my recommendations!!!

Yeah I said it.

P.S. Most of my recommendations would not even be subtitled movies, but still.
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