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Please don't post as "we"


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We don't appreciate if you try to include everyone else in your little whine or rant. Further, we probably don't agree with it.

If you feel like you need to say something, then say it as yourself. If we want to agree with you, we will.

For example: a recent post said this: "but this info from official site contradicts with what we know as of now."

Trying to claim we know stuff is just wrong. We are ignorant, and choose to remain so. So say it contradicts with what you know, not all of us.

So stop it, please, for our sake.
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"we" would like to have a word with you
Speak for yourself. We are not amused.
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We are the 99%!!!
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01/17/2012 10:05 AMPosted by DAn
We are Legion, for We are many

F&^% Anon -.-

all I gotta say about that quote XD Though they stole it to start with :P
I always think people that aren't confident enough with their opinions will use "we", and those who really want to gain an upper hand in an argument use "we" too. People feel stronger in groups, and constantly want to associate themselves with one.

It's like when you want to bully someone you'll ask your friends to join you, except on these forums you don't have any friends so you have to pretend you do...
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You used the word we yourself multiple times. Ultra fail and ownage by.. Yourself.
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Speak for yourself (evil grin)!
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01/17/2012 10:59 AMPosted by Baldnbearded
You used the word we yourself multiple times. Ultra fail and ownage by.. Yourself.

I'm pretty sure you missed the joke. :| OP was just making a point that to many people use the plural "we" instead of using "I".

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Community isn't 1 person. Community is made with a "we".

Btw your trolling skills are aweful.
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We begrudgingly concur.
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