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Healing Monk?

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Me, my brother, and a mutual friend of ours are all getting D3, and we are planning on doing a healer/dps/tank combo so we can effectively play without dieing a lot. my brother is the witchdoctor dps, our friend is going to be the barbarian tank, and im going to be the healer. i have 2 questions.

1) is the monk a viable healer?

2) would it be more effective to go 2 dps&tank/3 dps?

Also, we plan on playing on nightmare (eventually), so i guess that would affect your guys' thought on this.
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I think you can do it. The heal costs a lot of spirit so try to use a lot of aoe spirit generators or a fast spirit generator. Try to look at the runes that also add healing abilities to your allies. With you and the barbarian being in the midst of it all and the witch doctor doing dps or even using pets it will definately work just fine due to the fact that you are healing the pets too. Nothing wrong with trying dps too to see if killing monsters is faster/better than keeping up with your teammates on heals. It will take a while to test out abilities and such before you even go to nightmare. I'm really just talking out of my !@# cause you never know until the game comes out. Have fun and tell me how it goes cause I was thinking of doing the same...
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You don't really need a tank, or even a healer, for any difficulty.

Every class has the means to heal themselves and reduce enemy damage or increase survivability.

Now, that said, Monks are great healers - really the only class that can heal others consistently and effectively. You don't really have to specialize in it, even - just take Breath of Heaven and/or Mantra of Healing, and if you take Breath of Heaven I also recommend Guiding Light.

Monks are also good at reducing enemy damage dealt, which is pretty tanky. For example, Indigo Mantra of Conviction with the Resolve passive probably reduces enemy damage by 30% within 20 yards of you (not sure if that's how the combo works, however).

Edit: Here, significant healing and tanking capability and only half a build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#e..WXb!af!Y..Zcc
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Diablo universe has no use for tanks or healers.

Just play a classes you enjoy.

Best way to build a group for Diablo is a mix and match of characters that buff each other in different ways.

I understand. my brother and friend, however, enjoy playing World of Warcraft, and i am the healer, so i was looking for a way to recreate that in diablo. BUT, just because i am a healer, doesn't mean id be willing to adapt.

so maybe healer wasn't the correct term, but maybe support? like i would do damage for spirit generators, and use mantras and spirit spenders to heal, if need be. i would enjoy that most, but i really dont want to hold my brother and friend back just because of personal preferences.

also, i never played diablo 2 with a group of people, so i haven't learned group dynamics as well as some other people.
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I think 'support' is the best way to look at it, as stated above the whole tank/healer/dps trio isn't as applicable to D3. There are so many great monk abilities/runes that let you up the dmg of your party on targets, lower the damage those targets do to your party, heal etc

The way i plan to play is similar to you and your friends except with the monk viewed in a much broader 'supportive' sense rather then just healer. After all spirit generation comes from attacking mainly, so if you're going to be doing it anyway may as well make it count
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Trying to play healer + tank might actually INCREASE your chances of dying.. Slower kill rate = more mobs crowding you = overwhelmed. Especially since you can't spam heals and your heals are very weak on the monk.

You're better off trying to get tank + 2 DPS and have the tank stack a ton of lifesteal and use a monk with evasion aura + blind for support.

Or simply go 3 DPS and have a witch doctor or 2 and pets will make it easy.

Reading your post though, if you only plan on doing normal + nightmare, you can beat those easily with 3 DPS and never die.

It's hell/inferno where you will need strategy of some kind.
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We might go hell/inferno, but only if we dont blow at nightmare. thanks for the help.

Healing= No
support= Maybe
dps= good

at least that's the vibe I'm getting
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This is something that I would recommend from what I understand about your situation:


Some explanation:

- Crippling wave is a great way to do AoE damage while reducing enemy movement speed / attack speed. This will allow much easier kiting by your WD friend as well as reduced damage to the whole group. Indigo rune so that your friends don't have to be right next to you to benefit.

- Way of the Hundred Fists as your primary first/second strike. Solid single-target damage (AoE from CW and LTK) while building spirit quickly.

- Inner Sanctuary as an "oh s***" button for your party, especially for the WD. Could be replaced with Golden Serenity, Dashing Strike (maybe Alabaster?), or Blind (Indigo might be good). Didn't recommend Blind due to the high amount of AoE damage your group will likely be doing, which will quickly break blinds.

- Breath of Heaven should be pretty obvious. Massive heal for the whole party.

- Lashing Tail Kick as your primary spirit dump to aid in group dps. Alabster rune for further damage mitigation from stunning, as well as not having to worry about knocking enemies into your WD ally or away from the Barbarian.

- Mantra of Conviction to increase effective dps of the group as well as decreasing damage taken. Could replace Alabaster with Crimson if you feel you need more dps rather than more tank. Also, Alabaster might not be as effective depending on stacking effects with Resolve.

- Guiding Light since you will likely be using Breath of Heaven frequently; will increase damage of whole group.

- Resolve to further mitigate damage, especially with Crippling Wave. Could replace with Guardian's Path and use a Staff weapon to get tons of spirit for LTK / BoH.

- Finally, One With Everything so that you only have to stack one resist to be awesome in Inferno.

Hope this helps :)
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For passive healing for the whole team run the monk Mantra of Healing. This is really the strongest team heal in the game, just save your spirit to use the on-use effect to increase healing by about 5x the amount. It is also one of the best group based buffs giving +35% resistance or +30% vitality.

Than on the barbarian you can run Warcry with Indigo + Inspiring Prescense (Passive - may be barb only)

All in all it is roughly 250 healing per second + the barbarian's passive and + the on-use effect for the monk.
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There is no need for tanks in any Diablo.

Monks have the best healing, but it isn't too much to care for. They're more of a dps with healing bonuses, good to support the group.

It is better for everyone to dps.

I will be a monk at release.
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The people saying that the Healer Tank DPS set up wont' work in D3 are completely wrong. It is true that it isn't necessary, you can get through any difficulty with any group of players, but D3 is set up to allow this sort of group composition and have it work, much better than D2 was.

First off a straight healing utility monk is completely possible and viable. And will still be doing a good amount of damage, while providing utility at the same time to help out the tank. The tank would be doing less damage because they would need more defense, but it won't be as bad with a healer. If your DPS is going to be a WD, then it's perfectly possible that you won't need to have as much control as the WD can handle it with pets, and such. Which allows you to do more damage.

A healing monk can pump out insane amounts of healing, and help control the battle, it is completely possible.


The blinding flash at the end could be changed out for a different control move depending on what you want more. I went a little lax on damage, so you could put in something like Lashing Tail Kick, or perhaps a Spirit Generator if you wanted to generate it in different ways with different effects. I also like the Mystic Ally, but it doesn't fit in as well with a healing set up as other choices.

It's true your damage will be an issue at times, but with a tank and a healer your WD will be able to concentrate more on damage, and less on control. And you will be pumping out enough heals to keep them both alive. So you may do less damage but you'll survive longer.

If your only going through NM though, it may be a waste, you probably won't even get good enough runestones to make this build until Hell, since they lvl of the stone will determine how good the effect is.

But its perfectly possible to be a healing monk, and is an intentional design of the development team, so you can be sure that if a healing monk isn't cutting it, it will be buffed.
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