Diablo® III

Class items are absolute garbage.

Why would I even think about crafting spikes for my monk all for the "+0.0002 spirit regen per second" bonus? Why wouldn't I just craft the level 12 one-hander axes which increase my damage per second by 30? That's absolutely preposterous. If a monk is using barbarian weapons and is doing more DPS than a monk using monk weapons, then I might as well to drive my car in a river and hope that it floats.

Blizzard, please fix this. I don't want to be running around with a 2-hander maul as a wizard.
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You haven't gotten any +life from spirit spent items yet.

Also, orbs/wanga dolls (and other +damage items) are so powerful in the beta that they're probably getting nerfed specifically so that 2-handers might be an option.
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So the off handers for the caster classes are OP, and you're right. They will probably get nerfed. However, this is exactly my point. DPS DPS DPS. Damage, attack, blah blah blah. This is exactly the hole that blizzard fell into with diablo 2. Objective of the game: find items that give the most attack stat so that I can one-hit everything before it even REACHES my toon, making defensive stats like dodge and health completely obsolete. Admit it. Any diablo 3 beta enthusiast has been farming their !@# off to reach the highest DPS possible for their throwing barb or demon hunter.

Here, read Brother Laz's dead fish and mad prophecies articles. He knows whats up.

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Partly because all the affixes are not in the beta.
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I doubt that they will be really nerfing the damage on anything right now, more likely it will increase. Something that wasn't put into the latest patch was a health increase for the monsters, our health has increased, and so will the health of our enemies, which is why it seems like everyone is so over powered at the moment, because they haven't gotten around to increasing the health of the enemies yet, but it will be in release version.
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Are they really that bad? On a level 8 wizard I crafted a wand. It gave me 14 int. A similar-level axe was 2.0 more dps but no int. Seems like the wand is the better choice.

I can see white weapons being sub par, but people vendor those anyway except at very low levels.
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