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Soo the Seeker Arrow has a pierce %... Can you raise this?
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Gold Rune increases pierce chance...

Besides that, don't think there's any other way.
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perhaps equipment prefix/postfix has it, because pierce can pretty much be applied to all attacks evenly and it make "kinda" sense. So it wouldn't be unreasonable to see that as a stat (or maybe only one on DH-only gear)

Though I haven't done, or looked at any of the game-reverse engineering to see if that is true or not.
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Hmmmm not sure But i really hope so cause that missle arrow is BEAST!
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pierce accumulates DPS geometrically
dps% = 100/(Not Pierce%)

having open ended amounts would require a diminishing return, hard cap or limit the number of strikes until the arrow "dies", to dampen this

i'm all for any of those, as pierce mechanics are awesome.
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other than diminishing return, I'd rather have a 50%(maybe 66% or 75%) cap on pierce on skills that aren't directly suppose to be pierce 100% (such as http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/active/elemental-arrow )

This would give an inherent diminishing effect.
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Sounds like an interesting affix: "+% chance for ranged attacks to pierce"
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01/24/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Smop
Sounds like an interesting affix: "+% chance for ranged attacks to pierce"

totally agree, though it should be a static value (not a %) so as to be on a DR, and penalties vs bosses/champions/uniques

Chance to pierce a target +1
Number of times missile can pierce +1

Chance% = (Mob_penalty) * INT(100x / [5+clvl+x] )
number = (Mob_penalty_decrement) *1 + INT(100x / [5+clvl+x] )
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This title makes me think of Community...

On topic, I've heard there are going to be skill-specific item affixes. This might just be a damage boost, but even if it is there would have to be some way to boost your pierce chance anyway.
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