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*Spoiler Alert* My Theory.Who's Deckard Cain.

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To start off, i came across this theory of mine while reading the Book of Cain after being aware of how Sanctuary was created and its history.

For those who dont know, Sanctuary was created by Inarius (an Angel) and Lilith (a Demoness). They fell in love and had babies ;p (ask your mom and dad to know how babies are made, not me. Haha) Nephalem were created, pretty much gods more powerful than Angels and Demons put together. They were un-aware of their offsprings power till later in the Sin War. (which i wont get into details.)

Anywho, everything boils down to this. Inarius, Lilith, Angiris Council and the 7 Evils still existed at this point. (Before we had slain Durial and Andariel).

Everyone is wondering where Lilith is (and with good concern!) but... where my theory enters is...

Where is Inarius? We know he was the one behind the Sin War by creating the Cathedral of Light to oppose the Triune... anyway, trying not to waver here. (its hard). After Jared Cain died.. has anyone ever questioned why Deckard Cain who was not in the horadrim (and could have been?) and now suddenly was interested in it and "beleived" ? the Horadrim were extinct... he "picked it back up again".

I think its far fetched but beleivable, I beleive Deckard Cain is Inarius trying to put a stop to "the End of Days" or whatnot. Trying desperatly to save his offsprings he is trying to fashion a way to intervene without them knowing, in disguise obviously.
What if Tyreal figured it out... ? What if Justice came back for him.

Deckard Cain wasnt burned and torched in Tristram... why ? because he was caged. Caged you say ?! Why would you cage ONE "human" while massacre and enslave the others? To make him watch obviously. Why would it be worse to make say.. Griswald watch ? Because Deckard Cain is Inarius ! It'd be pretty horrid to watch your kids burn and get murdered and tortured.... pretty horrible? Would instill... Terror.. in someone... dont you think? (Yes i'm leading you on to Terror....) Lord of Terror.... :p He was most likely the one behind the burning of Tristram which would make perfect sense, Diablo was trying to instill Terror in Inarius.

Side note, Deckard Cain is... how old now? Perhaps "too" old... but he wasnt done teaching Leah... he had to stay alive just a little longer... teach her a little more.....

This would explain why he would train a human (Nephalem) in the Horadric ways because he knew that it was the key to solving the puzzle and that they would be able to figure it out and stop Evil.
He knew he was going to be detected by the Angels at some point as he was discovered by the Evils. He hurried to teach Leah all he knew so that its knowledge would go on, that the horadrim wasnt wiped out and that the Nephalem still had a chance to fight and defend their rights as a seperate living world. Its own entity.

((I wont get into the details of the reasons why i beleive all the worlds that were created by the Angels and the Evils while they possesed the Worldstone and that when Inarius and Lilith tried, it worked.))
To summerize it, its pretty simple, as Anu tried to divide evil in himself and created Tathamet (which is himself.... Anu and Tathamet are the same entity...) it didnt work. Explosion after eons.... (i'm getting carried away into details again arent i? ugh!)

It worked because it was both "Good" and "Evil" that created the the world. The offsprings had both good and evil within them.
Its Balance. Its why the Nephalem are so powerful and why the world "worked".

It would appear that Inarius and Lilith managed to "End the Eternal Conflict" by making the impossible, possible again.

Combining what "The One" Anu had divided... :)

We are all... "The One"... with a little more good or a little moe bad in each of them.

TL;DR My theory --- Deckard Cain is Inarius.

(I apologize if its hard to read because my ideas are all over the place. I was just too excited :( haha. )
Oh! I almost forgot! I said it first! Rain said it first ;p !!
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Inarius masquerading as Deckard Cain? No chance of happening.

If you did read more on Inarius in the "Sin War" section Inarius was taken to Hell by Mephisto as part of his (and Hell's) agreement with the Angiris Council that neither party would interview with the development of Humanity. The final Sin War novel elaborates on this fully on it. Since then Inarius has never appear again on Sanctuary (or even having a implied return presence) in the modern age.

I seriously doubt Inarius escaped his mirror prison right after the Three Brothers were banished in the Dark Exile, but only to embrace the likes of powerful magi and being in the company of Mephisto and Tyrael? They [Mephisto and Tyrael] would definitely noted his presence among them.
Angles (at least) are known to detect the 'vib' of another being such as themselves.
  • (e.g. Inarius sensing his wayward son, Tyrael from afar, and Diablo who's bit acquainted with the renegade)
  • Plus attempting to hide as a mortal and being alongside his former comrade and tormentor would not be quite the brightest escapee plan.

    I seriously doubt Inarius will ever be his former, benevolent/passive-self towards Humanity after being defeated by Uldyssian and the centuries of long tormented in Hell. (IIRC he was about to purge the new nephalem faction before he could be usurped/slain.)

    Will he return? Sure, but IMO, certainly no loving father coming home...
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    I think Deckard Cain is his own character, and probably not Inarius. I think him being caged was more of a Deus Ex Machina thing more than anything else. If it wasn't Cain in that cage, it'd be someone else.
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    wrong they made nephalem because they did love each other and eventually feared them because of their power
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    In the book of Cain didnt Inarius want to destroy the nephalem?
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    It's not "Good" and "Evil...Its "Order" and "Chaos"
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    The Nephalem were created by accident not intentionally.
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    Cain was spared because Diablo was having too much fun tormenting him. The best way to spread terror is to leave one survivor...
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    First, how would Beliel even know to replace Cain? Was the falling star designed to fall specifically on his head? The odds are astronomically against this outcome.

    Second, Beliel would be in a much better situation to replace a politician or regent lord, not some ancient doomsayer scholar.

    Third, in a way this was already done in Hellgate London. Lets not do it again.
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    Wow, I wonder how disappointed all these people are by the outcome of the D3 storyline... ^.^
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