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The last straw

Alright Blizzard, enough is enough. I've been sitting around watching the forums all day every day, eating nacho cheese Doritos, and looking for any sliver of information that I can misconstrue into a hint of a release date because there's simply nothing better to do with my time. I mean, come on! I can't just go play Skyward Sword, Skyrim, or Skylanders. I don't even like Skylanders! I can't just, like, go back to college or hang out with friends. This not-yet-existent game is clearly the only thing worth focusing any of my attention on. You owe us more information than you're giving us. We're entitled to it because we've been complaining A LOT and you should reward us for our effort. That's how it works in the real world, which you clearly know nothing about. You are ignoring your responsibility to give us a release date you have no confidence in so that we can build up a ridiculous quantity of false hope and then be really upset when you inevitably miss it. And I can't believe you won't take my anecdotal advice about game balance and mechanics just because you think you know more about the game you made than I do. Seriously, could you be any more arrogant about this whole situation?

You know what? Fine. I give up.

Take your time making the best dungeon crawler I've ever played. If you think you can just magically make the game better by putting more effort into it, do it. See if it works. It certainly hasn't worked with any of your other games. If WoW was really a good game it would have millions of players. Do you see that happening? Yeah, that's what I thought. You might as well turn the damn servers off. If you actually cared about your profits instead of your customers you'd just release the damn game now and stop wasting money on valuable R&D. So, good luck. Take your time. I'll be back when you're done.

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The thing is, you're going to get raged at hard because most of us are in a worse position than you since we don't have beta.
Maybe that's true. Perhaps the point would have been more valid coming from someone else, but I can only speak from the position I'm in.
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I lol'd. Thanks OP!
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01/22/2012 08:05 PMPosted by Depopulation
kids raged imo, and you have beta access. you a chump

I think you should become more acquainted with the phrase "read between the lines".
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Neither the first, nor the last, "Last Straw" post...
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01/22/2012 08:03 PMPosted by ZacharyKeth
We're entitled to it because we've been complaining A LOT and you should reward us for our effort. That's how it works in the real world

Was undecided about whether or not the OP was using sarcasm until I read this line. Should have written with a tiny bit more subtlety if you wanted to keep it ambiguous; that is assuming ambiguity was your intention.
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I got irritated when I read this post. Then I turned my brain on. Then I lol'd.
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another noob rager
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I like this one better than the Steve Parker satire thread, but I'm probably biased.
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Lol I feel your pain dude but you must be patient
01/22/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Lavos
I got irritated when I read this post. Then I turned my brain on. Then I lol'd.

LOL. This made all the effort I put into that post worth it. Thank you.
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Now, that is what i call a cool story bro. Such a riveting tale, i honestly copy and pasted it to word then saved it on my hard drive, backed it up on a jump drive, drove to the bank, put the jump drive in a safe deposit box, and leave it there until my kids turn 12 then show it to them when they reach that age and tell them, "Kids, this is what a cool story should look and sound like...not like the stories your generation tells"
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or awesome...
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