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Stunlock Build

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Been on a D3 kick lately and decided to participate in the forum more.
I was thinking about a stunlock/dps theory for a build
I added some healing in there too since they seemed to compliment.


EDIT: v2.0

Thank you for the feedback. I just wanted to try for some crowd control, but overlooked a lot of things. If you like, have a look now. The idea is to stunlock everything, and have crowd control while pumping out decent DPS. That was the goal at least.

Apply DOT in the form of exploding palm
Stun some more
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I dont quite understand your build to be honest. It's meant to be a type of stunlock build but the only ability you have that stuns is a 40% chance on a 30 second cooldown. Any stun build should have alabaster lashing tail kick as it is the most reliable and spamable ability that stuns. Also see:


I would also change your passives, you've picked some of the weakest ones and imo they dont really work with your build. Any successful build requires you to generate spirit at a fast enough pace to fuel your spirit spenders and thus exalted soul is generally a waste. It works more with a "pool your spirit and dump it all for big burst" type build rather than a "kill things while they're stunned" one. I probably wouldnt use combination strike either unless I was doing a 3 spirit gen build, i dont think the upkeep justifies the result otherwise. As for guiding light, if you're going to be doing heavy party play then its a decent ability, pretty weak if you're going to be soloing though. You dont have much in the suvivability category so i would suggest getting some via passives, perhaps with resolve, seize the initiative, sixth sence, or one with everything.
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The one limitation I see with the build is just the pure spirit cost of your stunning attacks. You can't even use all three of them once before you're out of spirit. Your max spirit is 150 and you need to use your generators to gain more.
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