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all around pve grenadier build

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grendades. aoe w/ lots of hatred gen with grenadier passive, gold run for more hatred

cluster arrows. high aoe dmg, reduced cost with grenadier passive, crimson for more dmg

impale. single target dps. sharpshooter for increased crit chance. archery with 2hx-bow for 100% crit dmg. alabaster for increased crit dmg. marked for death 20% more dmg

caltrops. utility and control. trying to use a build that'll survive passed nightmare, and control is essential. probably indigo or obsidian rune, basically more cc

marked for death. increased dmg for single target, can't decide the rune. crimson for aoe? contagion? more hatred gen can't hurt. prolly end up going gold.

smoke screen. escape, more reliable imo than vault, obsidian for hatred gen

passives explained above.

lemme know what you think. shouldnt be too heavy on the disc, but as always, we'll have to wait for the game to come out to see how our builds actually work
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Over all its a good build I think. But there are a few things I would be concerned about.

First. While the stat changes have been made, it still leaves the idea of a crit build up in the air. Before there was absolutely ZERO reason to use a crit centered build for any class, you just simply couldn't get enough PRE to make it worth stacking PRE over ATK. Which left the crit builds, while still viable, below builds that didn't use crit centered skills and passives.

I'm hoping that with the new stat changes this is changed, but I get a feeling that it won't be. The problem with crit is that in every game it's in, its just hard to make it worth it. They can't make it so that it becomes absolutely worth having, because then it makes it required, but they cant have it be so bad that no one wants it. Extra damage is always nice, but not if it's at the expense of more damage all the time. In my mind crit is going to be good if it's on a piece already, but it won't be good enough to use crit centered builds. It's not going to make your build not work, but it will make it so that it's not as good as other builds that aren't centered around crit.

I would go with Contagion for Marked. Crimson is a really good choice though so it kind of depends. I see Crimson being really good for boss fights that have adds, of when you are facing champions or unique's out in the world. Since you'll be concentrating on them, the damage will be good. But for overall I think Contagion is better because you'll mostly be using AoE attack, and that will increase ALL damage instead of giving a % of damage to other monsters. I don't think it's worth going Gold, it just makes the skill lackluster because you can get better regen out of other moves and you loose a great deal of the utility of Marked.

With Caltrops, I feel like obsidian is a waste. The slow only lasts for 6 seconds, and now they are spending half that stunned. It just seems like a waste to me IDK, I go for Crimson myself to make it do some damage, since you'll be using it a lot, or at least I plan to.

Sharpshooter even for a crit build is crap. You'll either have so much crit that it won't make much of a difference, or you'll have so little that it won't make much difference. There will be a fine line between the two when it actually helps, and it will be hard to determine where that is without exclusively testing its affect at different levels of crit.

Archery is good how you've used it, even outside of a crit build, with a crit build I think it's the best choice, the 5% bonus to crit chance is just pathetic, but 100% more crit damage is a lot.

Obviously you have grenadier in there for a reason, but I want to point out that the effect on death while cool, is kinda stupid, we shouldn't be dying, and while it will happen eventually, it just seems kinda lame to me, almost like it gives you a reason to be less careful, IDK with your build it would be stupid not to have it, but the effect on death kinda led me away from this sort of a build.

All in all good build. While I don't like crit builds, and they probably won't be able to compete against builds that don't use those mechanics in them, they are certainly viable through Hell, but it will either be mandatory to use them for Inferno, or not worth using at all, it all depends on what Inferno is actually like, and how much Crit chance its actually possible to get. most of the stuff outside of that is rune choice, which comes down more to play style than one being better than the other.
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Really appreciate the feedback.

First, this build is not meant to be completely relied on crit. I believe that the top single target dps is alabaster impale. Not a huge fan of rapid fire/strafe. I've definitely taken your advice into account, new build looking like this:


Used your suggestions with Mark and Caltrop runes after looking over them myself.

You really think sharpshooter will be insignificant to your crit? I took this passive simply because it'll be more crit on impales for single target. Most this build is aoe mob, with yeah, an high importance on crit to single target. But I figured sharpshooter will bypass the stating for less than optimal stats. It also doesn't seem like not taking another certain passive would hurt me. What would you swap it out for?

Also, I don't even acknowledge the dropped grenade on death haha. I just like the mega hate generation on gold runed grenades with grenadier passive, and the reduced hate cost of cluster arrow. Playing the beta, I'm definitely feeling the grenades haha they're fun and the other generators don't seem too appealing.

Whats your build gonna look like? If you wanna share haha. I wanna spend as little time as possible resetting skills, but that might be inevitable depending on situations in the game. I feel like with the new system of respecing anywhere in the world, one can totally rebuild their spec in 30 seconds.

Another thing. I feel like any ranged DH should be using 2h crossbows. If you look at the dmg on them, its just way more consistant and reliable and should put out more dmg than say 2h bows or dual wield xbow. That being said, builds relying on attack speed (if there is one, which I'm sure there is. I love the custimization in this game haha) should go dual wield, but 2h bows seem pointless... Haha sorry random.

But thanks for taking a look at my post and the feedback :D
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I sort of agree about the bows. There are indeed builds that are about weapon speed, they involve rapid fire, or strafe, both of which will be effected by your weapon speed. But it kinda breaks down as follows:

2h Bow- Medium Damage and Medium Speed
2h xBox- Heavy Damage and Slow Speed
1h xBow- Low Damage and Fast Speed.

When I say low damage though its not so low that its not worth it, but it is lower than the 2h bow.

As far as passives is concerned, your right, there isn't another Passive that would cause using sharpshooter to hinder you. But there are passives that add more consistent and better benefits. I do think that there is a better chance that crit will be better now. It all depends on what the DR ends up being and what the cap ends up being. If the cap is low say around 55-65% then its going to hurt you unless it by passes the cap, no reason to think that it will though, but its possible. If the cap is high, say around 75% then there is absolutely no reason to use it at all. Honestly I think the cap will be no higher than 50%, otherwise crit just becomes too powerful. I do see this passive being good as you gather gear, and maybe in Inferno. With the amount of kiting you'll be doing in later difficulties, it could very well reach pretty high numbers, if you are spending say 4 seconds kiting, then an attack, then 4 seconds then an attack. It could be really good. It could also balance out when your not at optimal gear, but will loose value once you hit crit cap.

I would replace it with one of the following:

Thrill of the Hunt
Tactical Advantage
Cull the Weak

Thrill of the hunt will be extremely useful when kiting, being able to stun an enemy on command will be amazing.

Vengeance will depend on your play style. I will be using it depending on health globe drop rate. If they are dropping at least 1 off 10 monsters, it will be great as a health/resource stash. You can save the globes until you've burned through your hatred, and then pick them up for a quick boost in a pinch. So it depends on if this sort of play is something that interests you.

Tactical Advantage is really good because it lines up with Smoke Screen perfect, and allows you to essentially double the ground you can cover to get away.

Cull the Weak is perhaps the only passive that would be all out better, because you'll want to keep as many enemies slowed as possible, and with this they will then be taking more damage. A 20% increase to damage against slowed enemies will probably work out to be better than the sharpshooter depending on the above factors.

Yeah Grenadier is good for your build no doubt, the actual uses of the passive complement your build, I actually find it really odd that they would add in an effect like that, but IDK, I'm sure some people will like it, it does have a certain use, if your about to have killed off a group of monsters of something, and then die, it will kill them, but I'd rather spend more time being alive, then thinking it's ok if I die, cause they will too.

This will likely be my inferno build. But it's likely to change as well as skills are changed and once I actually get there and see what works and what doesn't:


It's designed to have optimal control, as well as good AoE damage. It does lack a bit on Single Target, but I like it more than my other builds. I also have a build that centers around Rapid Fire, and using Multishot as my AoE.

But this build has a very good resource management system. You'll notice that Multishot will restore discipline, ES will provide Hatred, but I use it for the slow mostly, this may change to bola shot depending on how the Obsidian rune ends up working (if it can stun all the damaged targets, cool, if not then I'm sticking with ES most likely.) But it also has the regen from Smoke Screen. So basically I can use my abilities to provide me the resource I need the most. Looking at it, it looks like Rain of Vengeance got a boost in power I don't remember it doing so much damage. Most likely I'll change it to Golden rune, but I try not to use golden runes in my builds because they will be rare, and expensive on the AH.

This is my other build that I may use, its centered around using up lots of Hatred for which ever kind of damage I need, while kiting to gather mobs into groups, and blasting with RoV. I don't really like it though because I feel like it will be hatred starved, and I don't think that Multishot will do enough damage to replace RoV. But we'll have to see, cause I don't really like the idea of having two skills that do the same thing.

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