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I'm personally tired of everyone's builds based on maximum time and resource. I want to see unique builds based on having limited rune choice.

Obviously a good start would be only 1 of each rune. (meaning one ability wont have a rune)

i came up with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRbhUZ!cZY!ZbcYa

Lets see what you got.
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I like this post : D.

I like the build too, some stuff I would worry about, but given that its not about optimization using everything, it's pretty good. I like that you used Impale as the one without a rune, its a very good skill in terms of all the skills without using runes. But I don't want to steal your idea so I won't use it : P

Here's mine:


It would probably have major hatred issues without spike trap with a 7 trap max, but oh well, its not supposed to be optimized.

I do think though that Spike Trap with 7 traps and fundamentals could be a very good combo in builds, but I worry now that there has been that blue post about those passives and using the basic attack being useless at higher levels, I'm thinking they are going to remove those passives or re work them to be different.

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I like the idea of having a base build for yourself, instead of just an endgame build.

Here's an idea, offers Crowd Control in Slows, Stuns, damage in Fire, Physical and Frost, as well as Healing.



Another Idea: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WlfUSQ!hTb!a.bcYZ

AoE build where the point is to be 10yards or less from enemies at all times.

Obsidian Shadow Power gives you dodge chance, Alabaster Chakram surrounds yourself with spinning Charkrams, Indigo Multishot allows for a pulse on yourself that damages nearby enemies, Crimson Marked for Death damages nearby targets if you hit the Marked target(easy with RoF/Multishot), Golden Grenades gives 7 hatred per shot(9 with Grenadier? do they stack?), regular Rain of Vengeance.

With the 40 second duration of Chakram, and 30second cooldown of RoV, Multishot will cost 15 hatred, so it's not a SUPER hatred-intense build, though Golden Grenades with Grenadier will keep you topped up easily and Hot Pursuit will get you from one fight to the next quicker. Vengeance will help to fill up your hatred pool quicker when you pick up health globes aswell as increase the max, allowing for max Multishot spammage when you need it.

Does the second build even need Grenadier? Hmm... seems almost a waste of a passive for +2 hatred generation. Maybe take Brooding instead of Grenadier?
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Well, using your highest Hatred costing ability to determine the value of more regen from the passive, the difference is a RoV every 5 seconds or one every 6. Kinda of a small difference to me, but in Inferno seconds may matter a great deal. For the purpose of this thread, I'd say no, not really as the builds are fully optimized.

Something I did notice though, is RoV is now COMPLETELY useable without a rune and actually is better that way. I'll have to look through the other classes and see if any other moves have had this sort of a change, but I don't think so RoV seems to be the only one that does more damage than any of the runed versions, I wonder if that's a typo in the tool tip...
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