Diablo® III

new third artisan ideas

Why not just change the mystic to more of a alchemist type role?
they could make temporary +resist potions that scale as the alchemist levels up.
they could also have scrolls that give the same bonuses that shrines give but allow the character to choose which scrolls to choose and when to use them. these bonuses could also able to scale or could be recipes the player has to find.
instead of having pets as scrolls you could get them through this artisan and she could keep them in cages in town.
there are probably other temporary buffs that this artisan could do but this is all I can think of for now
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the reason they took the mystic out was because it would take too long to revamp it so it doesnt feel like socketing (or something, its complete bull if you ask me) theyre not going to then replace something that has at least some art assets and thought behind it with something that has no assets and very little thought behind it.
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I expect the Mystic to still be in the game (the character model), just to have changed functionality at launch. She might still have some functionality that we aren't aware of, such as being the place where we combine runes to get higher level ones.

She could easily fill in a lot of roles that we aren't aware of, based on the changes to the runes system that still need to be announced.

Heck, Personally I'd just have her give some random quests, and then later do something with her.
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I think that the Mystic should be a rune artisan... A LOT of people complain that their are very few permanent choices (although that concept is really an illusion since you can just delete and start over anyway, but I digress) So why not make socketing your runes to skills PERMANENT and then introduce the mystic who can tamper with the "mystical bindings" (see what I did there?) of rune stones to pull them out and upgrade multiples of the same color? For a price of course... :)

It makes choosing a rune for a skill somewhat more permanent, and if people wish to experiment with different ones, they can. It will just cost them gold.

You already have the black-smith and the jeweler for your gear, why not have the mystic be geared toward your skills?

Just my two cents.
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Rune stone craftsman AND identification. Now I think we are on to something. :)
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