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Sustained DPS/Damage Reduction Monk

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This monk is meant for group PvP or PvE play. I've made the Full Tank/Initiator Barbarian to go with him, and he's over in the Barb forum (Full DPS Wizard or Witch Doctor coming soon as well). Please feel free to leave any and all comments, for I welcome constructive criticism/debate.

Original Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#ehWTQR!acd!cbZcbY

The idea is do reduce incoming enemy damage, as well as stay in the fight for as long as possible with slight crowd control effects and high sustained damage. My intentions are to use spirit regeneration enhancements on my weapon(s). He uses Tempest Rush to get into the fight, while quickly debuffing enemy movement speed. He proceeds to using Crippling Wave to get all of the debuffs on enemies as fast as possible. My intentions are to deal damage to as many enemies as possible to proc my Resolve, further reducing enemy damage. He then begins to build up his Sweeping Wind damage. The goal at this point is to get Sweeping Wind to maximum stacks as fast as possible. With his spirit now at a pretty good number, as well as the spirit per second from Sweeping Wind, he'll use the first of his spirit to summon his Air Ally and activates his Mantra of Conviction. Making sure he has Crippling Wave debuffs and max stacks on Sweeping Wind, he proceeds to Tempest Rushing around the fight, dealing mass damage via the run itself, Sweeping Wind, Air Ally, and Mantra of Conviction on top of Crippling Waves/Sweeping Winds attacks. Crimson Cyclone Strike is his sole massive burst damage/large scale crowd control. It would never be used without Mantra of Conviction activated, therefore dealing significantly more damage than the skill states on its own. Even then, most of his spirit gets spent Tempest Rushing around the fight, debuffing his enemies.

Thanks for any and all feedback, it is greatly appreciated.
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First off, do not make a build with pvp and pve play in mind. It doesn't work, you end up missing stuff that you would have wanted in the other mode.

CoR is a bad passive, you do not need extra time on mantras and the extra spirit gen is next to nothing. I hear sweeping wind is hard to keep up at full stacks, the 1.8 spirit gen is also not great. You have almost no damage, as a good bit (60%+) comes from spirit generators, and you have no damage on them. Obsidian crippling wave is quite obviously significantly overtuned and will get nerfed.

To max out your damage on this build, you would need to use a 2-hander. Meanwhile to get your survivability up high you would need to duel wield, creating a conflict of interests in weapons. Monks have 200 base spirit, do you really think you need the extra 100 max? Tempest rush will run your energy dry fast, it drains 15 initially then 15 extra every second. Addtionally, it will drain faster based on your weapon attack speed.
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Here's my version of the passive aoe build. I've been tinkering with it for a while and I think it would be fun in the lower difficulties, but not enough damage or survival for the higher. Of course these can be offset through gear to some degree.


The monk base spirit is 150 and only time I can think of needing the extra 100 would be with a build that uses Wave of Light as the big bomb. You would still need to rune it down to 75 spirit to squeeze in 3 of them before having to use generators again.

Actually it might also be usefull in PVP where it's hard to gains spirit so it would help to start out with a lot more.
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My variation on your build.

Fixes your tempest rush idea for 170% AOE dmg as you run through guys costing you 0 spirit to run around.

Increase the duration of your Sweeping Wind so you can run more vs. have to fight standing still to keep buff up.

I like the free heals of Transcendence.

Lastly Cyclone with Indigo will have a wider range and the same dmg as the Fire one.
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