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Bola Shot, from Generator to Spender

Hey guys, I really think that bola shot should be a Hatred Spender skill rather than a generator.

Think about it, as it is now, the DH launches a big exposive fiery bola shot, that wraps in a single target, and when it blows up.. it deals like.. very little damage... almost less damage than any other skill available at the time.
The range of the explotion is very small, if you're very lucky you can hit up to two or three monsters, for even less damage than main explosion.
You have to spam bola shots like an idiot to make it effective.
And spamming Bola shots it's not fun at all, specially when it triggers a flashy and spectacular animation with every single shot..

And it also has an inconvenient delay of action, that severely decreases its effectivity.

My idea would be to turn the skill into a Hatred Spender, with a higher damage output, a slower attack speed, a little bit higher delay of action, and a wider are of effect.

That way, bola shot would be damage-wise effective, the delay would be fun in combiantion with other skills, and most important, it would feel like it's a real different skill.
As it is right now, it feels like all the other generators, just shoot a million projectiles as fast as you can untill monsters are gone.

My point is that, right now, it's almost the same thing to shoot a million hungering arrows, than to shot a million entangling shots, or a million bola shots. They all feel like the same skill.

What do you guys think?
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I'm pretty sure you just described Cluster Arrow....

Moderate-High damage, slight delay to pop out grenades, wider area.

Yup, that's Cluster Arrow.
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I don't like bola shot either, I think it would def be better with high damage instead of low.
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Maybe you should look at the runes for Bola shot before condemning it so. It probably has the best runes of all.

Bitter Pill - Both Hate and Disc regen.

Acid Strike - Basically multishot.

Thunderball - Stun.

This skill is in no way like Hungering arrow or Entangling.
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I agree with Eve, on it's own it is a little lackluster, but the runes make it pretty good. I would be using the Obsidian in most of my builds except I'm waiting to see how it works in action, if its effect in use. If it's a possible stun on each damaged target then I'll probably use it, if its not I'm gonna stick with ES.

I do feel like overall the DH is a little weak in terms of generators. We don't really have anything besides Spike Trap that can return a lot of hatred quickly, I feel like we're stuck spamming ES until we have the hatred refilled again. It does seem like the cost of spenders is low enough for this to be ok, but if your using something like RoV or Cluster Arrow, or Rapid Shot, or Strafe, it feels like you just won't be able to use them enough without spamming your generator in between.

I think that when the game is actually released this probably won't be as big of an issue as it seems, but I still worry. Of course using Preperation for Hatred regen, and the Multishot with golden pretty much guarantees infinite hatred as well.

More on topic though, as it stands, with ES being able to link the targets, and then doing damage to all linked targets, it does top Bola Shot for the most part. But I also get the feeling that it won't work this way upon release it just makes it seem like too much of a necessary choice, and I don't think blizzard wants there to be one generator that is that much better than the others. Having a 7 mob slow, that also does 100% weapon damage to each is just a little over the top. Maybe they'll make DR on the damage to the other monsters in the chain that would make it more even, but still.
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Eve, I think that the runed effects works even better with my idea of a slower/stronger Bola Shot.

And when I say that it works like Hungering and Entangling, I mean that it deals very little damage, and it affects multiple enemies (more than one target, that is) with one shot.

The three skills work in a very similar way. Small damage, small area, hatred generation, spammable

In most cases, If you're against a group of 5 monsters, you're gonna have to spam 4 hungering shots, or four entangling, or four bolas to get the same result.

With a Barb, for example, it's not the same thing to use generators as bash, cleave, or leap attack. They work in completely different ways, and are used in completely different situations, without the need of rune effects.

I think that the DH needs more variety, and it could be accomplished with a little tweak of values here and there.
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01/25/2012 11:28 AMPosted by Otter
The thing that I like least about Bola Shot as a spammable generator is that it's easy to overkill on a target.

Whoa, I totally forgot that part.

Thanks Otter, that's another nasty malfunction on the skill.
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