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Thoughts on this build...

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My thoughts...

Spam Sweeping wind to generate extra Spirit.

Air Ally helps with spirit generation and also creates a small AoE whirlwind wherever he goes.

Mantra of Conviction is a duh. More Damage per second, plus they take additional damage.

Blinding Flash increases lets ALL my attacks deal holy damage as well as whatever they are doing already.

When I heal with breathe of Heaven, I deal extra damage for 45 seconds.

Serenity gives me a 5 second window to heal if things get tough.


*NOTE* I put this in another thread but it hasnt been active for a couple of days so I thought I would post it here to increase chance of getting critiqued.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
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Your only dps ability is sweeping wind, so all this damage increase you have is kinda wasted. This is an extremely defensive build that I don't see working.

You only have one offensive attack.

I seem to feel you have too much spirit regen when your only real spirit spenders are situational abilities.

Even with your damage boosts I feel you'll have fairly low dps seeing as you don't really have any offensive abilities, and the one you have isn't a heavy hitter.

I would probably drop 2 of your defensive spirit spenders, and add one spirit generator (I'm thinking Crippling wave) and an offensive spirit spender. I would change the rune on sweeping strikes to red for more damage. I don't see the spirit regen from yellow being that great. You generate 1.8 spirit/sec when your vortex is at max stacks. The buff only lasts 5 seconds which means you'll have to spam the ability to keep you stacks up I think, and that means you're already gaining significant spirit from just using the ability. I would also try and work Resolve to being one of your passives. I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired.
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Here's some changes I made to your build:
Your AOE auto applies Resolve to everyone around you.
The Golden rune on Crippling was unnecessary and Crimson gives you a lot more damage.
Lashing Tail kick is a damage dump for when you don't need to use Breath of Heaven. Alabaster rune is a good choice too. Resolve helps make up for losing Serenity.

With my changes you deal about 114% damage per second with Crippling AOE and Mantra AOE (including 20% bonus from Mantra). When you factor in all the buffs it's 172% for 3 seconds and about 127% if you only add in Breath of heaven.
With your build you only did 92% damage per second with Crippling AOE and Mantra AOE. Factoring in all the buffs it's about 140% for 3 seconds and about 103% with just Breath of Heaven.
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You create a lot of spirit with nothing to spend it on...

How about this instead:


Make sure you equip a two-hander with this build!
Edited by Proghead on 1/28/2012 11:55 PM PST
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eh not bad ... how about something like this?


can always change mantra to 30% dmg debuff if need be
as well as changing sweeping wind 2 more spirit regen..
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01/29/2012 06:36 PMPosted by theshade
eh not bad ... how about something like this?

Paraphrase: "How about something completely different?"

About your original build, it really needed more damage output. Proghead's version is pretty good. The spirit generation is pretty low though, so you'd need good gear and either a templar follower or helpful teammates to make it work. I'd also change BoH to alabaster so you have something for when things get ugly, NDE isn't quite enough. Considering the heavy attack I think resolve is a good passive as well to help balance things out. Only other change is Guardian's Path to One With Everything. With this, you won't have to focus nearly as much on resistances when choosing gear, which will free up some spots for much needed spirit regen affixes.
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Some slight modifications:


Removed Serenity and added the whirlwind strike to suck everyone into the AoE.

Replaced Spirit Regen on Sweeping wind to now produce lightning tornadoes.
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