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monk dual wield?

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Is there any point in dual wielding as a monk? I picked up a high dps weapon and using something else would mean by dps became the average of the two. Since ur using ur fists, if u can equip a shield, why would u dual wield?
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You gain an attack speed bonus from Dual-Wielding, I believe. If you have two similar weapons (Let's say Knuckles of Frost +1-2 Frost damage and Knuckles of Flame +1-2 Fire damage), you will get more DPS because your attack speed will increase as well.


    http://www.youtube.com/user/day9tv#p/u/11/KFiAhu1ONKs <------ Skip to 5:40
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Dual Wielding doesn't just average the two weapons, it also gives you a pretty hefty haste bonus. I think it's somewhere around 30%. Kind of a big deal.
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Well... It looks awesome. So I think that alone is almost enough of a bonus. A stat boost just makes it good to play as well.
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You strike faster. The cycle of your combos and third/final hit occur more often.
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dual wielding? no. just using fists? yes (as far as i can tell)
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01/28/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Mach
You strike faster. The cycle of your combos and third/final hit occur more often.

What he said (she?).

Monk combo finishers, especially AoE ones will be very handy, and the more you fire them off, the quicker you clear large groups. Especially given that a lot of enemies die pretty fast at least on normal, dealing slower but higher damage isn't really necessary.

Might be different on higher difficulties, but the combo thing will probably be the big incentive to use 1-handers.
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There is also the added offensive affixes, using two weapons instead of one will give you more bonuses. Most likely the 1h weapons will have more of whatever affixes are on it. But with two weapons you get a little more customization of that, of course that relies on finding two you would want to use, that would help your build the most.
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