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Retribution and % based heals

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Haven't seen any viable Retribution builds yet... % based heals I think would change this but perhaps it would be too good for PvP. Maybe this is the exact reason monks Don't have % heals...
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Hey Candle,

Here is a quick build i put together. It kindof talks about our earlier topic of Resolve and having MoC with Indigo to keep the Resolve applied @ 20 yards.

I think MoR could accomplish the same thing. With every attack being done to us both range and melee the attacker is taking dmg thus applying Resolve to them.

I think this would be a great substitute over MoC.

Question would be would you Indigo MoR or would you use the Red runestone to apply the effect againts ranged targets as well.
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You don't make a 100% retribution build.

Retribution is the mantra used for all-out offense builds focusing on fast spirit generation and spending, and recovering life from spirit.

For an example: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#acdkQV!dVY!ZcbccZ

For the template: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#....QV!Y!....cZ

Note that that's only two active abilities and one passive. Retribution synergizes with how much damage you take, so just so long as you don't take a bunch of enemy-damage-weakening stuff (actually pretty hard with a monk!) it's optimized.
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I would if this came true:


(synopsis: seven-sided strike style animation for damage done)

thumbs up for blizz viewing!!

oh lol Candle's already been there. Jeez Candle, where haven't you gone! stalker....
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Ya ^^ I have been trolling the monk forums hard. Hey wait, you STARTED that thread, your worse them me :P
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There's a truism in D&D character optimization that the more random something is, the better it is for the monsters and the worse it is for the player.

If a monster gets an unlucky streak and dies, the next just replaces it.

If a player character gets an unlucky streak and dies, the character is dead.

That is to say, there are way more monsters than there are players, and monsters are meant to die - player characters aren't*.

This was a perfect example Hallom made in a different thread. I felt the same way but I was fulfilled to see someone else explain it :). He was talking about randomness of dodge but it applies to Retribution of course too because one has to take dmg to reflect dmg. With retribution you no longer need to stack dmg reduction because that also nerfs reflected dmg. That is not to say "take lots of dmg" BUT you CAN if you want to, just don't die in the endless monster waves:P. You ONLY need enough dmg reduction to supplement your healing and to prevent you from being spiked to death.
This dodge combo seems SO MUCH more forgiving in those endless waves. Monk returns dmg when dodging dmg.... Is Retribution currently viable?
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01/26/2012 11:55 PMPosted by Candle
Ya ^^ I have been trolling the monk forums hard. Hey wait, you STARTED that thread, your worse them me :P

Gasp what no...it was my...evil twin.... ;)
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