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Strait-forward Discipline Refresh Build

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Here is a not too complicated build that I think covers all the needed areas:

hatred Gen. - Hungering Arrow with 5 split after pierce
AOE- multishot with discipline gain
single target - impale with pierce
Dmg increase - marked for death + blue for spreading on death
escape bind - vault + knock back and stun
Hatred regen - preparation + red rune

This has a focus on AOE and multiple hits with the multishot and hungering arrow

The 3 passives actually all gain discipline, probably overkill for now, but it is a starting point for testing when the game comes out. However, Vengeance is more for the gain in +50 max hatred.


P.S. after looking it over, I find the Red/White/Blue x2 as kinda funny (not planned at all)
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love multishot, especially with alabaster rune, deadly combination
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The only thing I don't really like is vault for stun, in most cases you'll want to be using it to get out of danger not into danger, and while your using impale which would give you a reason to do so, you have it with pierce that means you don't need to be close. Other than that it looks pretty good.

Right now its looking like we get about 1 disc per second regen, knowing that you can kind of decide how much disc regen you need, since you only get 33 total (this is taken from another thread, not a blue post, so that could be low, but the regen rate is correct) it gives you a fairly good idea.

Nightstalker is only good for crit based builds, and even then crit builds are going to be a bit behind the rest unless they do something crazy with crit, I won't go into the details of why crit builds won't be that good since you don't have one, but I would get rid of nightstalker, and given that you have enough discipline with just base regen to put up mark and vault two times, you probably don't need perfectionist unless you find yourself vaulting a great deal more than that, in which case I'd look at the build as a whole or your play style.
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The stun on vault is _not_ for offensive purposes, it is for serious escape needs, it is to clear a landing spot when escaping a snare, or running away.

And about the 3 passives: Vengeance is the only one I like right now. The three listed are only listed because they relate to discipline. Also the multishot... if each shot has a different crit chance, than it could build up disp. silly fast, but we'll see. (I kinda doubt it because it could be too good if that were true with silly high crit chance).
I'll probably start off with these three skills (when unlocked & able)

and then go from there. This is the beginning of an evolutionary build. However, I think the fundamentals of it are solid and at least capable of going into nightmare.

Here with updated passives (to be honest I don't really feel like any passives 'fit right' with this build as is, but that is from not being able to test them... so We'll see when launched)
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Hm, I could see them making certain skills have an individual hit crit chance, like RoV, or the Wizards Meteor that splits into 13, and then have some like Multishot that don't, but it would be more complicated then needed, but for now I'd assumet hat you would be able to crit on each individual enemy hit by. An easy way to test it would be to see if the Amazon's multishot could crit on individuals, which is probably tested already, most likely they will keep the same sort of mechanics from that.

ANY build can probably get through nightmare, unless they really do something about the scaling of it compared to D2, which is certainly possible. But if your like me and do full explores, then you will be a much higher level then the scaling is set for. They probably scale it for a decent amount of exploration, but not full complete explorations of every area. I know that by the time I hit NM in D2, I was stupid over powered, because I was a good 4-5 levels higher then the content, and stayed that way throughout the difficulty, which means you would also continue that trend through Hell. Inferno will be a whole other story.

I have kinda adopted the same sort of view on builds. I'm going to try everything out as I get them without runestones, and then as I get runestones use them in skills that provide the most benefit for the current things I'm doing. When doing Inferno, I'm hoping to have stock piled a good amount of them, so that I can switch things up as I go, if I enter an area with a bunch of Cold resistances for instance, I'll re do my build to account for that. Since you can just mouse over an enemy to see it's resistance this can pretty easily be done. If I then encounter fire resistant monsters in the next area, change it up again.

Honestly I don't think in the higher difficulties Brooding will be very worth while, it just seems very unlikely that you will be able to avoid taking damage enough to make it have a decent enough up time to be worth the passive slot.

What kind of weapon are you planning on using, because that heavily dictates if Archery will be worth it.

I LOVE vengeance, which I might have said above, but it all depends on play style, but the Hatred increase alone is good enough reason for some builds. It's generally accepted that we will have 33 discipline as our pool to work with, and I'm hoping that we can extend that with items, but IDK for sure I haven't looked through the databases enough yet to see what people have found.

This is kinda hard to work with, because you need 10 for vault, and 21 for Preparation, if you use perfectionist that makes the cost 16.2 for Preparation, and 8 for Vault, which would allow you to use them both one after the other. With that choice for Preparation, I highly recommend Alabaster Rapid fire instead of Impale, since you'd get a slow that you really really need for this build past NM, but as you said it will adapt from here, but just pointing out a really good option for this build.

In terms of passives I feel like the DH's are the least appealing, many of them are so situational, that you'll never get as much overall use out of them as other classes have the option of, the best one if Cull the Weak, since we will be kiting a great deal. But I just really don't like half of them.
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