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My Demon Hunter Build- feedback would be nice

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(refined) removed fan of knives for multishot, i have too many cooldown main aoes multishot has no cooldown and with the rune it cost 7 hatred which makes it more spammable for closeup and ranged.
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I like this build a lot. Only thing I can say is that you probably won't need the perfectionist passive since you only have one constant discipline ability. Maybe invest in steady aim and this build is very long-range oriented with both good single target and AoE damage. Keeping the distance shouldn't be too difficult with your slow and massive vault, either.
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do you think cull of the weak is better with entangling shot? or steady aim is better in the longrun for this build due to long range.
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Considering that this is a long range build I think impale has no business in this build. (Nor any demon hunter build, but that's a bit more bias lol.)

Ew companion is probably the worst skill in the game at the moment. 30% damage periodically translates to now and then it will do 30% damage, not even once per second. (if that periodically is once per second it seems odd they wouldn't just say so.) At least you've chosen the only good choice, the regen is okay. 2.5 per second though still means that you need 8 seconds for it to generate enough hatred for a RoV, which by itself isn't a problem since it has a CD, but you could just as easily ES to golden and get one less hatred regen combined for a whole extra skill slot. (I do like indigo in ES though.)

Aside from that its a good build. I would stick something like Indigo or Crimson Elemental Arrow (I like crimson more.) You can't really find something that compares to the damage of Impale, and this adds a sort of control element and a long range single target spell, I would have said rapid fire but I think it would give you hatred issues with this build.

You could of course just put crimson in impale and call it good, but if you plan at being at more than 25 yard at all times, or at least trying to be, it will depend on how long that straight line is.

Unless your only playing in NM, or are going to be dodging every single range attack coming your way, there is zero chance you'll get much use out of brooding, if your dodging all range attacks and staying at the range you'd like to be at in the first place, then you'll never need it, other wise your either taking damage, and need the health, or not taking damage and don't need it.

The only weakness to steady aim is close quarters areas, like the hall ways in the cathedral for instance where it could be hard to be at ten yards away. Since your not using rapid fire though, or going for a crit build (thank god cause even with the changes crit builds will not be on the same level as a good none crit build) archery will give you the same boost with a bow, and you get a medium speed medium damage weapon that's a nice median between the 1h and 2h cross bows.

I agree get rid of perfectionist, I would stick cull the weak in it's spot and archery in brooding's sport. I LOVE vengeance, its amazing if your able to kite around and save the globes for when you need them either for resources or for health, but I wonder if you being at such a long range most of the time will make it as worth it, but I think it's worth it solely for the hatred increase.
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actually i just tested impale in game and it has a fairly reachable range should i just stick to the liquid flame rune as it does 91% dmg over 2 seconds which is pretty high and better than the crimson rune, as i wont be using it for AOE much because its pretty expensive for just hitting stuff in a straight line. plus im using a bow so archery is ideal right? for perk that is.

Also 1 important question can't i just use the golden run with vault. The thing is vault with the current rune does extra yard like 55 yard total, but with golden rune if i use vault and again within another 5 secs the cost is reduce by 65% thats a heck of a lot which means i can travel double the distance for cheaper. Any suggestions? and if i use the 20% decrease cost for discipline perk i can basically spam that for travelling purposes and stuff.
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Hi Anime,

I noticed this build is very similar to mine, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#eZSdUT!hVU!bcbbcb. I also like having impale on the bar to have one ability that hits like a truck to single target mobs :). If the resource generation system parallels WoW, which in my opinion it is, then quicker resource generation should allow for much quicker use of Impales or Multishots resulting in higher dps.

I feel that Multishot and Rain of Arrows might be redundant, sure you can probably have both going on the same pack at the same time, but you could also be using Shadow Power with Multishot for similar effects (I'm kind of assuming here that some of the higher end bows will provide piercing like in D2). I personally chose Shadow Power over Rain of Arrows for this, and the fact that it adds a second defensive cooldown. I might change my tune though if I start meeting up with packs of Lightning Immune mobs :).

My build compared to yours sacrifices the AE snare for the increased ability use though, so I would probably have to put that 40% dodge and tumbles to work a lot more often to make up for it. My concern on using a snare heavy build is what Inferno will be like with possible snare resistant or immune mobs, which generally are the only ones that don't fall over to AE attacks anyway.

If I found the hatred generation sufficient without the Entangling Shot glyph I might use the 6 targets one instead, but having Entangling Shot generate double the hatred seems like it would be pretty significant (hypothetically shoot every second or so for 8 + 2.5 from bat + some from gear = possible use of Impale every 3rd second or Multishot every 2nd second).

If grouped with others I would probably switch Vault out for Marked for Death glyphed for Mortal Enemy for even faster resource generation to pump out Impales like no one's business.

Depending on my crit rate and if I had a crossbow or not I might reglpyh Impale for the additional crit damage as well, that is stuff only the endgame gear will tell though!

Either way I think you have a good mix of resource generation combined with a very heavy hitting single target attack and multiple AE attacks.
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