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To those of you who've played it. monk?

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my question is this: with my criteria, can anyone make me what you THINK might be a viable inferno monk build, I'll probably make 2 monks, one for pvp but if i can have an inferno monk that would also be viable in pvp all the better..

my criteria: I want the monk to be quick, moves like dashing strike and seven sided strike are mandatory, espically SSS (its just to cool too miss XD). I also want the build too be able to have at least one good oh %^-* move, but hopefully be good at dodging? in otherwords survivability has gotta be OKAY, so im thinking hit and run tactics... but the class also needs to be definitely able to do decent damage...


So, I'm doomed to never be satisfied because everything monks have is sooo cool and i want it all but am only limited to 7. I want the heals and oh !@#$ buttons like intercept (which glyphed btw is really cool) i want amazing dodge, and i want amazing damage. But i feel that if i go for a little of everything then everything will be inefficient. Having the Heals would be awesome but im wondering if having a templar as your puppet with heal abilities might just about cover it, especially if you're dodge focused.... I'm not sure how good dodge maxing is either, concidering we dont know how bad the diminishing returns will be.

this was my idea, to get you started, but i feel mine is bloated...


so my idea here is... you start a fight by dashing into the crowd that's usially trying to kill you, with Dashing strike (the glyph will give you a 32% dodge buff for 2.5 seconds) with mantra of (damge?) your enemies are taking 20% more damage, and the gold glyph gives you a 30% chance with every physical attack to heal yourself for a small amount. now start attacking with Fists of Thunder, glyphed to do 30% weapon damage AOE to everything within 6 yards. THIS DAMAGE activates RESOLVE, reducing the targets damage by 30%...

Is that enough damage mitigation (32% dodge, 30%self heal, 30% mitigation from resolve, 25%dex as armor)... + the templar minion focused on healing and stunning

moving on:

Your combo attacks are: FoT, WotHF, FOT, Way of the hundred fists 2nd hit is buffed from glyph. When you've got enough spirit and its off cooldown, 7 Sided Strike (buffed damage from glyph, increased to 11 hits) followed by your combos more. If the targets aren't close enough together to make it worth it, zip betoween them with either dashing strike (to refresh dodge buff) or WotHF if spirit is an issue.

Is that setup going to be worth decent damage with the glyph bonuses and mantra effect?

If things get too hairy and your dodge diminish returns are killing you, or you cant keep the buffs up and the templar Isn't helping much, Dashing strike out of the mob range and Serenity with the heal bonus for some breathing space, then dashing strike back in and resume...

basically whats wrong with that build and can you make it better with my criteria? or as close as possible...
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Monk will definitely be viable through inferno, now that the main stat also increases +dodge. Monks can get very high health and dodge, and they can heal per spirit spent, which is also huge.


Here are some of the abilities that I feel go a very long way toward making monk viable through inferno. I'm not suggesting using all these skills at once; just showing you some of the potential ways to beef up your monk that you may have missed.
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Thanks. Yeah they say mystic ally with obsidian is mandatory, but i typically go against the grain when im not that attracted to the spell to begin with.
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This is assuming Hand of Ytar teleports you. If it doesn't, you can replace it with Dashing Strike.

Crimson is another good runestone you could use with Mantra of Evasion in this build, for more damage but less mobility.
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This is assuming Hand of Ytar teleports you. If it doesn't, you can replace it with Dashing Strike.

From what I recall seeing in a video of runed lashing kick, hand of ytar makes it a ranged nuke rather than a teleport + attack ability.
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Here's my plan:


Lot of decisions will be gear dependent of course. Damage is always good, and planning on damage in a few abilities as you can see, but if I'm taking too much damage can swap those out.

Spirit Generators:
Crippling Wave: Absolutely loved this in beta. Every third hit dazes and slows in a pbaoe. Already hits everything in front of you with ever hit and 143% weapon damage on every attack with Mangle should be amazing. This will be my left click button and don't plan on ever looking back. If taking too much damage will swap out Mangle for Concussion.

Deadly Reach: Small range here for when you occasionally need it but the main reason for this is Foresight. Mainly plan on using this for bosses and tougher mobs to ramp up damage.

Spirit Spenders:
First off I want to point out Transcendence in passives. A lot of my decisions on these are based on it. I didn't want Dashing Strike for example because I'm spending spirit at the start of a fight then, when I'm hopefully not hurt.

Lashing Tail Kick: Big damage and a nice, cheap heal with Transcendence. Damage for bosses once again, since most tend to be immune to other effects.

Cyclone Strike: I loved the ability in beta, my only wish is it were slightly bigger area for a good way to deal with archers. When I saw Implosion this becomes a no brainer. Pull everything in then daze and slow it with crippling wave. The bigger area should get most archers that are actually attacking you.

Serenity: Five seconds is a nice chunk of time to run away or heal when things are going bad. Can also time it to deal with boss attacks if you don't want to run away. This may change if I never need it or I really like one of the higher level abilities when I get to test it.

Mantra of Evasion: 25% dodge and 120% armor, what's not to love. Another 25% dodge for 3 seconds, which should push you close to cap with good gear. A heal to boot with Transcendence.

Passive Skills
Transcendence of course isn't going anywhere, since it's the only heal I'm packing, the other two are really up for debate, depending on gear. One with everything seems like good way to get resists with easily found gear. And guardian's path is basically just there for another 10% dodge.
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If you want to do more dmg to 1 target.


If you want to do more damage to a larger group of targets but less against 1v1.

Both Mantras will apply the resolve buff lowering the dmg taken even further.
The idea behind these are survival.

Remembering that ALL mobs start @ lvl 61 in Inferno. The likely hood your going to Solo and run into a pack of 5 or 10+ and be able to sit there and take a beating is a dream.

To combat this you will need to stack as much damage reduction, damage reflection, DEX for evasion, and have Transendence to heal you with every spirit spent.
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Healing spec for mantra of healing. I would make this my 3rd choice but it would be my 1st if i were NOT solo'ing Inferno
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Infferno is not going to be a stack as much dmg as you can to over power your opponents. Unlike a lot of D2 and D3 builds focus on dmg.

Inferno is going to ask for endurance. You want to stay alive as long as possible. There are not berzerk timers on mobs or boss's in D3. So if it takes 10 minutes to kill a boss safely then do it safely.

The idea that people are going to over power hordes of enemies that all are higher level and will have some sort of magic benefit or immunity the name of the game in Inferno is survival.
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I wouldn't put Exalted Soul on a build focused around slow-and-steady damage.

Exalted Soul seems to me more of a 'burst'-oriented passive.
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In all honesty, considering how much easier the game is on norm than Diablo 2 was, I expect Inferno to be basically equivalent to the old hell difficulty.

Plus if you can get enough damage, damage is always the answer. As the game goes on, people will have better and better gear, and thus be able to use builds with more and more damage. Then by doing more damage, they need even less defense. Before you know it we will see people with full damage builds that just use potions for healing.
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