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Companion and Reforging Scrolls Removed

I don't get it, if somebody doesn't like companions, he can just don't use them. I love this idea (golden chicken and rabbit are great:). PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!
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Yeahh They removed companions!

Great Job blizzard, dont make any sense to do pets in diablo!
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I for one feel like the most recent patch certainly brought things together much better. I probably feel that way because it's starting to feel like the old diablo in terms of pacing. I really felt the pacing up till now in the beta was too fast.

Having to pick up gold yourself and getting less of it and less magic items initially is a much better pace for the beginning. I assume it picks up as you level up.

Well done.
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Sad to see these features being removed without ever having an opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. Been waiting patiently for an invite to the beta but it seems like everyone around me gets in before me. Pets, ID Scrolls, Reforging Scrolls, etc, are all gone now and I have generally no idea what they are (granted I know most but no practical experience). Makes it hard to write a news article on something when you have no experience with it. You make my job harder Blizzard! I hate reporting on news that I'm not 100% with (I don't know how the pet dynamics worked in the game necessarily nor the reason why reforging scrolls would be removed).

I do love how this beta period is actually useful and features are being tweaked within the game, however I just hate being left out. This sucks, I really wanted a pet too.....
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I didn't read all the posts here but you did not mention some of the other changes and are wandering if you are going to mention them.

1) No more Materials from breaking down items, Magic or rare to include whites and greys, except essence and teeth.
2) No more pages of training, or books of training. No skill books to teach Blacksmith either, at least I have not found one yet.
3) Raised price to train Blacksmith but obviously no need for mats anymore.
4) Raised price to get more room in your stash.
5) Monsters dropping alot less loot.

These as well as others you mentioned may assist in getting the game out by a deadline but I'm a bit depressed.

Funny thing is I never saw a Reforging Scroll, and while I though the idea of the companion scroll was a good idea, some darker companions would have been better.
e.g Hawks, Vultures, Wolfs, Big Spiders, Snakes.

Since there is no need for them anymore, you should remove the bookshelves.

Sorry, don't mean to offend but, At this point it looks like D2 had more mechanics.

Personally, I'd rather you revisit these things and take longer to release the game.

Just my 2 cents

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I'm really pleased to hear companions, in their current form, have been removed from Diablo 3. They simply didn't fit the mood. I quite like wit in games, but wit is inconsonant with the cute and, sorry for saying so, goofy humor of companions, as implemented. And yet, I imagine they were a necessity in the beta (judging by the play-throughs I've watched) because of the functionality they offered. While I'm not vehemently, or even moderately, opposed to the re-introduction of companions--at least, companions that fit the tone of Diablo--as tradable collectors' items, I'd personally prefer if Blizzard, rather than developing the companion system, labored on other aspects of and additions to the game.

BTW, Blizzard, I think the new skill system is not only inventive and a major step forward, but inspired, even brilliant. D2 is probably my favorite game ever. Yet it wasn't without its aggravations. D3 seems to address most of D2's annoying shortcomings. Thank you.

P.S. If Blizzard wants a former Professor of English (Ph.D. in Early Modern literature and culture, now disabled with a spinal disease) and scholarly editor to do a final proof of its game script, let me know. --Free, of course, and with any necessary legal non-disclosure agreements.
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Companions were awesome, and as a temporary convenience / vanity item, leaving them in and changing the functionality later would have had no detrimental effects or balance issues. So, other than the chickens looking a bit silly (I personally thought they were awesome, reminded me of the chickens in the Rogue Encampment) I really can't fathom the reasoning behind removing them now.

They were a pretty cool addition to the series IMO, and removed the dull monotony of running around after gold drops. I would love to see them return before release, even without any changes.
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I think it would be interesting if it was setup that our Special Edition WoW pets could be attributed to D3 (namely the BlizCon Murlocs, the CE Pets and the purchased pets...) they could be revamped to look badass for the game.... I know it could look silly so game hosts could be given an option to force it so no one can have pets out... eh IDK I just wouldnt mind something to show for my BlizzCon's if nothing else maybe on our banner make an extra streamer or something for how many you've been to? (number of tokens or w/e would be judged by how many BlizCon codes are attached to account)

Edit: Im pretty sure Blizzard could, in D3 make the Con Locs look very badass, gritty, and mean..
(namely with Diabloc and Deathy)
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yay more time spent running around like an idiot to pickup gold.
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This is the more info on the current state of development for the release date that we got so far.... YAAYYYY!!!
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The people that really liked the companions are clearly mostly WoW players and/or new Diablo players. Those things did not fit the mood of Sanctuary AT ALL and really just harm the nostalgia and essence of the Diablo series. Good riddance.
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I suggest adding a item along with the gold pick up, a filter to go along with it: Blues, White, Rares, Uniques ect.
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I am having trouble controling my urges to play this game!!!
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But did you really have to re-re wipe my characters? I saw in an old patch note it said there was going to be a character wipe, which I didn't mind since I had beaten the beta early on, but now I finally got back into it with all the new changes and my character is no more. :(
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01/27/2012 05:08 AMPosted by Deathmark

^This. I've been thinking the same thing.
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Bummer. I really liked the companion scrolls. I thought they added a little something cool to the game. Not sure how they would come back in to the game, other than as maybe as some type of combat pet. Perhaps we could get "pets" that would function like the companions but not be scrolls that are picked up and you could chose the type you wanted to fit your own personal interests.
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