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I see soul harvest increases intelligence by 126 per soul and can last for 50 seconds with the right rune. So if intelligence is DPS power, would this make the WD ultra powerful on every use. It can essentially be kept up once every 50 seconds. What do you think?
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Yeah I'm not sure about the numbers.

In the beta, when level 13 and mousing over Soul Harvest (which is available at level 14, but still shows its numbers. Whether those numbers are for a level 13 or 14 WD, I don't know) it says that it gives 34 Intelligence per soul, upto 5 souls. Given that I only have 95 Intelligence in total without buffs, I find that number (34x5=170) to be a bit high. So maybe there's going to be another 'tuning pass' down the track.
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I posted about the power of Soul Harvest awhile back: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3657282011#10

It will be very good for damage builds, and has a nice synergy with Gruesome Feast.
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Uberstein, I just recently posted on that same thread recently, even though it's a bit old. I was curious about the conjunction of grave injustice and soul harvest, let me know your thoughts if you get a chance.
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the thing about soul harvest is that it takes away a defensive ability which is very important for the wd

wds have to get ultra close to mobs to cast this ... now in normal sc this is okay you can get 5 stacks all the time and be op as u want ... however this skill in nm hell and inferno requires wds to get to a place they don't want to be to get 2 stacks much less 5... take this into consideration you won't be @ 5 stacks wd past norm, especially if ur hc wd

really for wds across normal to ... unless they are farming the beta and have op gear for their lvl anyway.. let's take these things into account to

it's not as op as it sounds later in the game you will be risking life and limb to get stacks and probably die more than once getting them
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02/01/2012 02:20 AMPosted by Captain
I see soul harvest increases intelligence by 126 per soul and can last for 50 seconds with the right rune. So if intelligence is DPS power, would this make the WD ultra powerful on every use. It can essentially be kept up once every 50 seconds. What do you think?

I think this is a novel topic that no one on these forums has brought up before. Great job, OP!
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Their are already 3-4 threads about soul harvest with arguments about every aspect of the skill
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After extensively playing all the classes, WD's SH is actually underpowered. I have been playing WD mainly and have come to a realization that the class, overall, is underpowered.

Part of this is the pets, I don't know much outside of numbers and theory of the Garganutuan, but the Zdogs are only going to become more and more underpowered as levels and difficulty increase.

Soul Harvest is "a little above average" - at early levels if you take into account travel time to get to a pack of 5, the possibility it won't always be 5 stacks, and the vulnerability and "not DPS'ing while moving" that SH requires.

I leveled up both a Monk and DH after the WD on the last wipe. The Monk seemed to hit harder than I remembered compared to the WD, I had about the same level gear I had the last time I leveled up a monk, except I equipped him with a 2 hander (2hander monk is the way to go IMO).

DH was no contest. Just spamming their first primary skill does more damage than any SH/ability finess the WD needs. That's just one skill... and it wasn't even a revenge dump, it was a revenge generator.

WD has little/no mobility (sprint, leap, dash, teleport, whatever).

As a WD, once you are in the thick of it, you are in the thick of it. And if you mis-manage your mana use without an "Oh-shi-" button/ability, it will be certain death, ESPECIALLY at higher difficulties.

DH as a comparison has two resource pools, one of which you can replenish as quickly as you use it, and the other gives you all sorts of simultaneous survivability utilities that don't infringe on your DPS.

Sould Harvest is being touted because people are seeing it through level 13 normal capped gameplay. It is really difficult to estimate how it will perform at end-game, but taking SH out of the picture for a second, the WD is a bit of a weak link as-is.

Pets seem under-powered, even as meat shields, WD's don't have much in the way of real survivability from mob trains, Their resource architecture means they have nowhere to go but down in most cases, and their damage, realistically, is sub-par if you factor in the necessary micro-managing SH needs.

Ask yourself this.

If WD didn't have SH, would it be as good of a class? -That's why it is an underpowered class, one skill makes it go from average, to below average.

The exception to this might be a specialized WD who intimately knows their weaknesses and designs a playstyle outside of the scope of SH, (even if they use it as a skill).

In my opinion, there will be 2 kinds of WD's.

Heavy dot/damage/Buff doctors meant for 4 mans. They target larger threats with stacked dots, manage their mana and damage through passives, and rely on 3 others as cc to buy them time to get the damage out. They will be designed around the concept of consistent damage.

Heavy pet survivability WD's, they take as many AI pets as possible and max out the pets, and their own survivability through poisons etc. They won't be primary damage dealers, but they will be PVM CC kings,

SH doesn't really fit into either of those two roles, ranged/dot with no pets to CC, or Pet focused with no damage focus because pets can't survive without the passives.

I was so sure for the last 2 weeks that I was going to roll WD as my first, but having given the other classes a second/3rd try with a truly open mind revealed to me the WD weaknesses.
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Biggest issue I see with soul harvest is going into harder difficulty modes it forces you to run up into a group of mobs to gain the dmg increase.. I can see that turning bad really quick.

I wish this spell could be changed to be a range AOE like grasp of the dead, simply click on a large group of mobs and gain the buff... might make it OP though, so I dunno.

This spell just feels awkward to use atm imo.
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Nice necro ßloodmane...

Especially considering how many other more recent threads that are the EXACT SAME TOPIC.
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04/17/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Hamakua
Just spamming their first primary skill does more damage than any SH/ability finess the WD needs.

Oh yeah, demon hunter primaries will totally outdamage dire bats + soul harvest. Totally. I had dire bats pierce through 2 packs to the tune of 90 non-crit 180 crit per mob.

Also, you don't really understand what makes WD strong. It's not pets, and it's not soul harvest (although soul harvest is pretty nice for the first 20 levels or so).

For example: I don't think any class will outdamage WD on let's say a pack of champion mobs. Do you know why? If not, you don't understand WD.
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