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Demon Hunter- Post your builds

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Post Your Builds Here
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90 Human Rogue
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Strictly for PvP, could also work for PvE (also in another post):


Entangling Shot gives me the slow, little aoe, and also with alabaster runestone gives me 6% lifesteal at a range.

Evasive Fire to keep away from melee, and golden runestone to deal lightning damage so they can't win with just armor, they need some type of magic resistance, also gives me the backflip costs lowered for continuous use.

Impale for larger burst, but indigo runestone to knock back the target and stun them. this gives me a way to "backflip" or "vault" without spending my discipline, instead it uses my hatred if i'm out of discipline.

Rapid Fire just because it can be used as both aoe or single target persistent dps. used with alabaster runestone for the slow effect, which can be good so you can have a better target, more attacks, and keep them at range. this ability also goes great with Marked for death and the alabaster runestone.

Marked for Death because it increases damage, and a good offense is the best defense for the demon hunter. along with the alabaster runestone for healing, but it can be used alongside rapid fire for best effect or Entangling Shot and its runestone for almost 8% life steal for your attacks.

Vault for obvious reasons, and golden runestone so i can double vault with reduced costs. it can be used to beat the enemy around the corner if they're trying to get out of your line of sight or behind a wall, or you can jump to them behind a wall, shoot them then jump back.

Tactical Advantage because speed kills.
Brooding because if you kite well you get lifesteal+crazy life regen.
Custom Engineering because you get to use Marked for Death for twice the amount of time which is a minute, that means a minute of lifesteal and more damage output
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Focused on slowing enemies and putting out a lot of consistent damage. Relies on being in a tactically sound position. Comments welcome.
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86 Tauren Shaman
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what do you guys think of this build?
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Disciplined Resource Hunter... This is an LOL build for me... But I might try it once for fun.

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