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3D D3 anyone tried this?

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awesome now only if i could find a 3D monitor that would work with my cable also lmao!
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3D is kinda a flop. My dad bought a 55" LED 3d tv and I played 3d Starcraft on it.. Was about as entertaining as 3d movies (not worth the money). Games are meant to be played at any given time longer than you should stare at something in what is considered "3d". Its really bad for your eyes and its not too impressive.

If d3 offers this it will most likely be just as disappointing.

It seems like you are one of very few people that don't like the new 3D craze.

You see, if 3D wasn't worth the money, or wasn't popular, or wasn't good, Hollywood wouldn't be pumping out every epic movie in 3D nowadays.

3D is certainly worth the money, and when I hear that a movie I want to see is in 3D, I ALWAYS opt for 3D. Why? It's awesome. And epic. And most everyone one else thinks so. If they didn't, it would't make money, and Hollywood wouldn't spend the money to make it.

So to me, and others like me, the concept of GAMING in 3D makes my face want to melt onto the floor with excitement.

I'm sure 3D Diablo would be most excellent, and 90% of the population would most likely agree.
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I dunno, I always thought 3D was a bit of a gimmick, but hey, if it sells, it sells. Personally, it just makes my eyes hurt from looking at it and my ears hurt from wearing those bulky movie theater glasses. Either way, I don't see anything practical (other than the WOAH LOOK AT THE THE BULLETS COMING RIGHT AT ME feeling) that 3D can accomplish that 2D can't.

Then again, whatever floats your boat. If it sells, it sells.
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d3 will most likely be playable in 3d as most 3d monitors can run any direct x game in 3d (even ones that were never intended for 3d) as for how good it is i cant tell you because im not in beta but blizzard games tend to run very well in 3d. (not so much wc3 but wow and starcraft work great)
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Lol it's funny listening to people try and justify that 3D gaming is a gimmick when they haven't really tried it, I mean really tried it using a Nvidia 3D vision kit and 1080P resolution in 3D with maxed settings and locked 60 fps all the time. 3D movies are barely 3D they're pre set with very little depth/convergence so anyone can see it, it's a whole other experience when It comes to gaming. You get to increase the depth and convergence to high levels. Oh yea SC2 in 3D is pretty weak, one of the weaker games I played in 3D. 3D gaming is not just the cheap effects coming at you like in the movies. In games the whole scene has depth to it when you get the settings just right, when you play @ 100%+ depth everything has a scale to it unlike 2D, for example the mamooth in skyrim, in 2D it looks kinda big, but nothing special, well in 3D it really looks like it's 30' tall, same thing with hills and valleys, in 2D it all just looks flat and blended in, in 3D you actually see the scale of the hills just like you were standing right there in real life, mountains and high areas give you vertigo feeling, water bodies in 2D just look like flat puddles, simply a transparent texture. In 3D you can actually see the distance from the top of the texture to the bottom of the lake and can actually tell how deep the water is. When you look at the sky you can see all the different layers of clouds, and can tell the distance to them from the ground, in 2D it pretty much looks like a flat texture, playing batman is pretty good too you have batman a foot out of the screen, and when you run his cape extends out and seems like its gonna whip you in the face. It's nothing like 3D movies especailly not like most movies that are just a cheap 2D to 3D conversion. Games in DX actually have a real z buffer to work with, that's why in 3D gaming you get a superior 3D effect then in 3D movies.
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