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Why did tyrael destroy the World Stone?

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because baal had corrupted it.
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From what I read Book of Cain (and the first Sword of Justice comic issue I believe) revealed that Tyrael determined that the Worldstone being corrupted by Baal would eventually soon spread it's tainted influence over the rest of Humanity. While the artifact has been repressing and/or encouraging the potential nephalem powers (and that of full might of Angels/Demons) its also 'broadcaster' of sort linked with everyone.

"When Tyrael arrived to assess the situation, he realized that these dark energies would soon echo through the hearts of all mankind, turning humans irrevocably evil and violent." - Book of Cain, page 127

TL;TR, Tyrael by destroying the Worldstone gave mankind a grim chance at survival verse outright damnation.
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Eroldren has it correct.
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To ge to the other side?
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I acknowlegde Erolden as being correct but i also think it could be another reason. Since the Worldstone hides Sanctuary from Heavan and Hell, Baal courrupting it could have only revealed it to Hell. This would give them easy control over Sanctuary allow them to take over Heaven.
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Because, ultimately, we failed in Diablo II. We were supposed to stop Baal, we didn't, so Tyrael had to contain the damage via destroying the Worldstone. The fact that we killed the Three Prime Evils as mitigated by the fact that they managed to pull off their master-stroke, and whatever that was, our PC's in Diablo III are going to have to deal with it.
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The Prime evils wanted to corrupt the worldstone in order to turn mankind evil. They wanted to use humans as an army against heaven. In order to save humans Tyral had to destroy it.
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Elroden is abso!@#$inlutely corret.

There no hiding sanctuary anymore...the Worldstone acted as a "camouflage" long befor it was discovered by heaven and hell. Not something like a James Bondcamouflage though. Cant remember now who had actually discovered anctuary first, but from that moment on, there was no veil anymore. Both sides knew that sanctuary was actually there. And they were free to go, but they couldnt do it cuz both sides knew what would happen to the nephalem, and so, by the Pact Mefisto did with the angels, they weren't able to invade or interfere in that world until the nephalem grows up by their own.

But being evil, the forces of hell has broken the pact, on Diablo 1, and so Diablo and his breathren, making use of a really cunning ploot and the soulstones, have invaded sanctuary without getting the attention from the high heavens. Only Tyrael knew about it, and he didnt wanted to tell the other angels what was happening cuz he is the archangel of justice, he broke the pact too and began to help the nephalem(humans or us) in Diablo 2 to fight the burnin hell's forces, trying to put an end with this treachery without calling too much attention, which would probably finish with the nephalem being exterminated.

Thats why Tyrael didnt even battled with us in Diablo 2.

Now that the WS is gone, everyone knows what really happened, both heavel and hell. And the mess inside sanctuary is set.

So we actually can see any of the known demons in the game.

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Believe it was the prime evils that discovered it first. I believe they invade first, Inarius gets captured, then Angels intervene. They sign a treaty Inarius gets to be the POW of Mephisto, and they decide to never touch sanctuary.
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Preety much this, as wiki says:

"As time went on, the Prime Evils discovered Sanctuary. Immediately realizing the potential of humanity as a weapon against Heaven, they created a religion called The Triune there to lure humans to their side. Inarius thus similarly set up his own Cathedral of Light to combat the Three."


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Originally the Worldstone hid Sanctuary. Then the Nephalum were born into Sanctuary by the union of demons and angels, and in order to ensure that the Nephalum wouldn't draw the attention of the Heavens and Hells, Inarius tweaked the Worldstone to sap their powers with each subsequent generation. It is worth noting that the Angels and Demons saw that the Nephalum had the power to become greater and more powerful than either Angels or Demons. The Angels saw this as a threat, while the Demons saw this as a potential army.

Eventually Sanctuary was discovered and the events of the Sin War detail how eventually a peace accord was reached between the Heavens and Hells, and part of this meant that both sides would leave Sanctuary alone. All the while the Worldstone would continue to keep the Nephalum weak. Many of the Angels believed the Nephalum were "Abominations" but some, like Tyrael, saw that despite the potential for evil in the Nephalum, they also possessed the potential for goodness and virtue.

Diablo and the Prime Evils hatched a plan to Corrupt the Worldstone. They found a means of acquiring shards of it, and over the span of about 250 years, each of them managed to attune themselves to the shards. They would then use the shards to corrupt the Worldstone and turn all the Nephalum (humans) evil, remove the restrictions on their power, and then destroy heaven with their new army. Diablo's essence would imbue humanity with the desire to spread Terror, Mephisto's stone would imbue them with endless Hatred, and Baal's stone would imbue them with the desire to Destroy.

The plan failed.

The Worldstone was corrupted by the Soulstone of Destruction, but the Worldstone was destroyed by Tyrael before the evil influence could spread to humanity.

Hell could have invaded before, but it knew Heaven would reply in kind, and that would simply have continued a stalemated war. What Hell was truly after was an army of Nephalum to tip the scales of the war. At the end of D2, Hell was denied that. As such, just because Hell could invade Sanctuary, doesn't mean it was advantageous to do so, which is why it hasn't really happened... until now.

Because now Azmodan has found a reason to go to Sanctuary. A Black Soulstone with the power to imprison ANY Angel or Demon. A Power that could tip the scales once more..
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