I plan on using a crossbow, hence archery.

Entangling Shot - Chain gang for quick run and gun. Entangle + multishot for weak opponents. Though this is slightly contingent on the 6 targets also being affected by the damage of ES. Clarification welcome. If the damage isn't also shared, I would use a golden runestone for higher hatred gen.

Multishot - Opted for more damage due to high hatred regen from smokescreen later. Also can combine with caltrops to get more high-damage shots in with cull the weak before having to recast.

Rapid Fire - Golden, for hatred management. This is the single-target ability in my build.

Caltrops - Probably will lead with this ability in combat discipline permitting. Establish a snare for my cull the weak, do a little damage, and keep me safer.

Marked for Death - Contagion for better use with single targets versus Valley of Death, though differing opinions are more than welcome, I'm not set on it yet. Discipline permitting, I would use this right after caltrops and it should last the duration of most engagements.

Smokescreen - Breathe Deep, for the hatred regeneration and of course the ability to move to a more tactical location and keep up steady aim or drop aggro.

The key to this build is good position. With caltrops and ES it should be easy to maintain Cull the Weak, so Steady Aim is your main concern. Also the fact that distance is a friend to the DH anyway. If you get into trouble then use smokescreen and you'll come out of it with a full quiver so to speak. I see no cooldown on smokescreen either, so if it's real bad trouble you can string 'em, though I personally think it'd be wiser to invest in some caltrops between you and the enemy.

Input very much appreciated here.