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Wrong DPS listed on Item?

2 Fist Knuckle weapons dropped for me, both grey items.

Cracked Knuckles

3.8 Dmg Per Second
2-4 Damage
1.25 Attacks Per Second
< -0.15 Attacks Per Second >


Low Quality Knuckles
3.4 Dmg Per Second
2-4 Damage
1.28 Attacks Per Second
< -0.12 Attacks Per Second >

Am I missing something? Shouldn't the 2nd weapon have higher DPS than the first? Same damage range but it does more Attacks Per Second?

Are the little grey "diamond" bullet points with the "-0.12 Attacks Per Second" the affixes? If so, are the weapon stats already reflecting that change or do I have to subtract that from what's showing? I' guessing it's already shown because when I do the formula for DPS the first weapon 9and others I've had drop) come out right.


Just found something else peculiar. Two items with the exact same Damage Range and Attacks Per Second, but one of the weapons has 5.9 DPS and t he other 5.8 DPS.

Now, the affixes are slightly different on them as well. The first weapon has +29% damage and the second one has +27% damage...

But if affixes are already reflected in the stats shown on the item (meaning you don't actually have to calculate those affixes into the listed damage/aps/dps/etc), how they the DPS differ? Stuff like this contradicts the fact that the listed stats already take into account affixes. Or am I just missing something AGAIN!!?
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one of the weapons has 5.9 DPS and t he other 5.8 DPS.

Now, the affixes are slightly different on them as well. The first weapon has +29% damage and the second one has +27% damage

please post the exact info (be verbose) on these two as you did with the fists

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I got rid of them since then but the stats were exactly the same.

The damage ranges were equal and the attacks per second were equal. Those 2 things are what is used to calculate the DPS, so it's weird that DPS could differ with those 2 being equal. The only thing differing was the affixes (see above) but I was under the impression that affixes are already calculated into the stats that are listed (which the math shows to be correct on other items).

After seeing replies in the beta forum, some others have experienced this as well and said some items simply aren't "finalized".
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well the 29% ed certainly accounts for the item being .1 dps more than the 27%

the oddity is when the 29% is the 5.8 while the 27% is 5.9,
provided the same formula are used this is a much more peculiar issue and was first seen with rare rings that had "of wounding" compared to magical rings with the same properties..

where identical stats provided different values, even greater stats resulting in dps losses;
this has been reported, documented and a blue commented it was a bug
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Thank you so much for the information!

But wouldn't that mean that affixes aren't calculated into the listed stats?

If the damage range is 20-40 with an affix of +10% damage, is the damage 20-40 (already calculated with affix) or 22-44 (or however the 10% is calculated on a range)? I was pretty sure it's the former.

That's why I thought it was weird, because their damage ranged were the same but the affixes weren't.

My best guess is that there are decimals working in the background and things are being rounded and they were rounded to appear the same on the listed stats, but in reality there was a minute difference that caused the DPS to show it being 0.1 off.

That is of course putting aside the fact that the one with the lower DPS was the one with the higher affix.
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Edit, just had a chance to see this myself in game. so now i have some more technical answers on how things are done

the damage range on a weapon is a base stat, but it will include damage modifications such as "enhanced damage %", it is however rounded on that display, and can be misleading on low base items or items with low ed% values

Simple Hand crossbow
1-4 damage
1.6 Attacks per second
= (1+4)*.5*1.6
= 4 DPS

where as
Fine Simple hand crossbow
1-5 damage is listed
30% increased damage
1.6 attacks per second
= (1+4)*.5*1.30*1.6
= 5.2 DPS

if you did the damage as (1-5)*.5*1.6 = 4.8 but this is not accurate

teh base is calculated as (1-4) *.5 as average,
then a x30ed% and x1.6 aps
for the 5.2 DPS listed

thus the damage range 1-5 is approximate due to rounding,
it functions technically as 1.3 - 5.2 on the bow

so with 25% dex mod
the shot damage should be 1.625 - 6.5
which perhaps is rolled as INT[(random(49)+ 16)*.1]
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I see now. You are correct as I just did that with some weapons I have.

Hand Axe
3-4 Dmg
1.30 APS
4.6 DPS

Fine Hand Axe
4-5 Dmg
1.30 APS
5.9 DPS
+29% Damage

(3+4) * 0.5 * 1.29 * 1.30 = 5.8695 or 5.9 like listed on the item.

Now, I also have some axes that show that the listed stat on the item already takes +Attacks Per Second affixes into account.

Hand Axe
3-4 Dmg
1.30 APS
4.6 DPS

Balanced Hand Axe
3-4 Dmg
1.37 APS
4.6 DPS
+0.07 Attacks Per Second

Seeing how the base axe is 1.3 APS we can tell that the +0.07 APS is already calculated into the item of the second axe.

Something that I just saw in game that seems kind of weird to me has to do with dual wielding (which I am still trying to find out the exact mechanics and math on).

I have a 5.9 DPS in my Main Hand and a 4.8 DPS in my Off-hand. The overall DPS listed in my character sheet reads 7.50.

If I replace the 4.8 DPS Off-hand with a 5.2 weapon, my overall DPS drops down to 7.23.

If I replace it with a 5.8 DPS weapon it goes up to 7.96.

There are differences in APS and Dmg Ranges of the weapons but I figured that overall DPS would mostly be based on the DPS of weapon.


Balanced Hand Axe
3-4 Dmg
1.37 APS
4.8 DPS
+0.07 Attacks Per Second

Inferior Dagger
2-5 Dmg
1.39 APS
5.2 DPS
-0.11 Attacks Per Second

The "change on equip" info box tells me that I LOSE 0.3 DPS by equipping that dagger (which is correct). I go ahead and do the math to see what's up.

First I do the math assuming that the "-0.11" APS is already accounted for in the tooltip. So...

(2+5) * 0.5 * 1.39 = 4.865 or 4.9 ...Hmm, that's not what the tooltip says.

Then I try it by calculating the "-0.11" APS myself. So...

(2+5) * 0.5 * (1.39 - 0.11) = 4.48 or 4.5 ...BINGO!

There's the 0.3 DPS difference that the game is telling me is there in the "changes on equip" box. It's telling me that putting on the dagger over that axe makes makes me LOSE 0.3 DPS when the tooltips show that I would GAIN 0.4!

This seems to show that not only are the tooltips showing stuff wrong (hey, it's a beta, but still) but that the -APS affix WASN'T reflected in the tooltip. I would have to say that most likely, upon release, the affixes will all correctly be reflected in the tooltips already and that this was just a mess up.
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dual wielding I get into more in the DH forum

02/03/2012 06:43 PMPosted by D3BETA
It's telling me that putting on the dagger over that axe makes makes me LOSE 0.3 DPS

hmm, yes the dagger is 1.39 type, but the "inferior" mod is a -n to aps, yet it is not updated on the weapons tooltip.
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