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So after watching my roommate play the game yesterday when he got his beta key I've got 3 big things to say.

A: I love the environments. Interactive destructible environments, Things hopping out of bushes really makes the world seem teaming with activity. Thing tear apart, blood splatters, everything just interacts well.

B: I don't like the look of the environment. Something about it just seems... soft. Maybe its like low quality graphics or something of my roommates PC, but everything looks almost cartoony. It is a bit disappointing when I'm watching and say "I feel like Titan Quest was darker than this" just because of how the coloring is. Its like when you go into Leoric's tomb everything fades into a dull fog rather than into black nothingness, and when you stack on the super flashy effects on it really makes the environment lose some of its intimidation that I got from Diablo 1 when I went to fight Leoric. (it also might not help that it looked like my roommate was just trashing anything that came his way) I guess I miss the kinda grittiness that the old models with simple fade to black lighting held in the 1st game.

C: I like walking over gold. At first I rubbed my nose at the whole drops gold and you can walk over it, because I'm a classic rogue-like junky and inventory is supposed to be tedious and painful. Where walking over basically dropped powerups reduces it to an arcade style beat-um-up. But after thinking about it, that is really a good way to handle it. Even if you do run in circles over stuff like you're playing Gauntlet for the N64.

Hopefully I'll actually get beta access soon and will be able to contribute to things like feel when playing the game. So this is kinda a super first impression purely as a spectator.
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@ B) There are a few posts about 3rd party tools created to give your computer sharper/darker colors. I hope there is an option for it eventually in game but see if you can find those screen caps, they look better.

Edit: Found it: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3967848172
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why do you need to wait for beta access? ask your nice roommate to let you have a go at it when he's not playing...
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yeah, I've got to

you know, this link does a good job. It really does help solve the washed out colors that make it look more cartoony. But it doesn't solve it entirely. Looking at the screenshots I realize my problem I have with the game.



D3: (original)

D3: Darker/shaper filter

Not even the darker/shaper filter makes it look like Diablo to me. Like if you type "diablo screenshot" into google, you can tell its a D3 thumbnail when the image has this washed out blue background. Why is there so much blue in the backgrounds of a diablo game? Shouldn't it be black/grey/and blood red? The only exceptions are when its a washed out red or purple special effects, or a bright sunny day (which looks fine for being that)

more D2:

Now that I'm looking at them side by side, I think I'm a little upset.

On a plus note, I forgot to add how much I appreciated the award system for excess damage.

(my roommate hasn't been not-playing it while I've been home and available since he got it)
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