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Even though the game is only in beta stage, I feel like some of the mods are overpowered.

Take, for example, the "melee attackers take x damage" mod:


What do you guys think? Have you come across any other item modifiers that might pose a problem in the future? Anything that could be "abused" if you were to wear a full set of gear using a certain mod.

Some things come to mind:

Critical strike (reaching 100%?)
Resource regeneration (infinite skill spamming, such as disintegrate?)
Chance to block (reaching 100%?)
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Even if you could manage infinite resource regeneration, it doesn't mean anything. Go ahead and spam Disintegrate and die to a mob that gets too closely.
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Any overgeared level 13 character would be overpowered when fighting the skeleton king on normal. It doesn't mean anything about the game balance in general.
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I hope that the more powerful skills will deplete your resource though. If you can spam the most powerful non-CD skill that you have then it would seem a little odd, no?
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Mobs taking 25 damage each time they hit me won't make a difference when each mob has 5,000 HP four acts in. And even with unlimited resource you'll still have to do some maneuvering, you won't be able to stand still and spam without getting your back end handed to you.
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It took 4 minutes. I don't time myself but that seems like a reaaaaallly long time to be sitting around and doing nothing so I'm not really sure if this could be considered overpowered
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Idk, it doesn't seem like they're removing hardly any of the troll threads, if anything I'd say they're underpowered.
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01/31/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Renegade
Even though the game is only in beta stage, I feel like some of the mods are overpowered.

he is 5 levels above the content with the best gear which would have taken him ages to farm this is not overpowered this is basic rpg progression
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