This is a Crit oriented MF build that I came up with and wanted to share with everyone. Let me know your thoughts as well as any criticism. It is easy to use and provides good mobility and survivability.

- Active Skills -

Hungering Arrow (Alabaster) - Our hatred generator and primary spell

Vault (Golden) - An MF build needs mobility, getting from point A to point B faster is generally better. This is our movement spell, as well as our escape spell if things get ugly.

Multishot (Alabaster) - This is what would be used to mow down packs of enemies, as well as generate extra discipline so we can continue to keep vaulting.

Impale (Alabaster) - This would be our primary single target spell (used on bosses).

Shadow Power (Obsidian) - Typically would be used against a boss. This provides us with both offensive and defensive capabilities (we can stand there and spam spells). Not to mention the Dexterity stat will also give us some passive dodge rating.

Preparation (Golden) - Our Oh Snaps button. When we get low on health and discipline, or want to continuously keep up Shadow Power on ourselves, this is the answer.

- Passive Skills -

Night Stalker - Because this build will rely on critical hits, getting that extra discipline per crit should help maintain Shadow Power as well as some additional Vaults.

Archery - This passive is mainly selected for the extra damage output. A Crossbow would be the optimal weapon choice for this build.

Sharpshooter - Another passive selected for higher damage output that will help keep the critical hits flowing.