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Where's Character Customization?

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02/03/2012 02:11 PMPosted by D3BETA
But you'll be different because you'll have different items, you'll pick different skills, and you'll slot them with different runes. That's where the customization is supposed to come from, primarily. Skill and rune selection. Their goal is that you will be able to have as many builds as there are shades in the rainbow, so that no two characters have to play exactly alike.

I want to have a different Barbarian because I use a bow or a throwing knife. I do not want my Barbarian to be different because my whirlwind is purple instead of yellow, and my rare mace has +red instead of +green.
The differences are likely to be grander than that, and your bowbarb wasn't likely to happen regardless of system.
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02/03/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Ursock
You don't need to have a crystal ball to learn from the past. If anything the limitation on attributes has made popular specs easier to create.
I don't believe that this particular system has ever been tried before though. Also, how do you figure? I mean, it's not like attributes added spectacular depth to D2. You get your gear requirements and then dump it in Vitality. Not exactly complex.
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Runestones alter skills, so you can use them to 'tweak' your skills. But I do miss leveling up in D2 and saying:

"Wow I really love using X skill and now I get to point a point in it and make X skill even more powerful!" It made leveling that much more satisfying. I could put the points into the skills I liked the most and play my character exactly how I wanted to.

Granted I just got into the beta tonight and have only put a little time into it, so maybe when I have unlocked all of the skills and skillslots and gotten runes it won't be a big deal, but right now when I ding a level it just isn't exciting to me at all. Feels like when they dumbed down the WoW leveling and skill progression.
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