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I know the expansion is not on anybody's radar yet; but I had some fun thinking about possible future classes in another thread. I want to hear what ideas people have. Rules are, it can't be something that has already be done by previous Diablo games (at least not exactly). Here are three I came up with:

-Death embracing class (Like Necromancer). Plays very different from necro. This class struggles with it's own demons and can use demonic abilities. It may eats corpses, reanimates corpses and do other disgusting weird things (maybe shape shifting into beasts). Should be dark, quiet and unstable as a character. It should also be bloody insane and sadistic. Fits somewhere between a savage zergling and cultist. I'd like to see it make use of body parts somehow.

-Tinkerer/Engineer class. This class focuses on devices (like the assassin's traps) and blowing things up. Sets up bombs and contraptions, then lures enemies to them. I think if done right (kept gothic) this could work and be lots of fun. An example skill could be an automatic butchering contraption that you hang at doorways . Everything that goes through gets cut up and bleeds. This class would also infuse weapons with electrical charges, and explosives to keep it competitive in melee. I'd see this as a DPS class with some unique features. Also should be a heavy drinker, but intelligent as a character. Maybe says funny/badass things when blowing the hell out of monsters. I think this could work well with the new physics engine/environmental events too.

-Nature master type class. This class should be able to use make great use of environmental features (e.g. sand storms, water elements, fire elements, concrete (golems), animals (wolfs/bears) etc). I would really like to see this class use nature to create shields, summons and attacks instead of shape shifting. It should play as a melee heavy armor type class. I'd like to see this character offended by natural destruction, like Poison Ivy from Batman. Really upset at everything that isn't natural. I think of this character like the KOTG from WC3, but melee based.
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How about Tal Rasha?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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tal rasha was a sorcerer...
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Sorry to get a little off-track here, but just out of curiosity, would an expansion separate all characters between the original D3 and the expansion like it was between D2 and D2LOD?
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Please don't give them anymore more ideas, it will only drive back the release by a few more years.
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I think the Tauren Space Marine has a shot at getting in:

Resource: Energy
Energy is generated when using "Energy Generator" skills. Energy Generators generate huge amounts of energy but all have long cooldowns. Abilities that use Energy are mostly smaller attacks that burn through. Resource management between bursts is required unless you stack several Generators, however this in practice is likely to reduce your killing power.

Maximum Energy is 200 at all levels though can be increased through items and passives.

Sample abilities:

Recharge - Generates 200 Energy. 15 second cooldown.

Kinetic Absorption - Generates 125 Energy, and slows down enemies within 20 yards by 40% for 4 seconds. 15 second cooldown.

Powered Strike - Costs 5 Energy. A melee attack that deals 125% weapon damage. Each consecutive strike on the same opponent inflicts an extra 5% weapon damage, up to a maximum of 160% weapon damage.

Plasma Blast - Costs 1 Energy per attack. Rapidly fires bolts of searing plasma at 400% of your attack speed for 30% weapon damage as fire from each projectile.

Discharge - Damages all enemies within 12 yards for 3% weapon damage per point of Energy remaining. This ability consumes all of the Tauren Space Marine's Energy. 30 second cooldown.


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