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Never played D1-2, question about difficulty

D2 was nearly unbeatable if you didnt play softcore. D2 pre-LoD is about the most fun a game can ever be.
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You'll most likely get owned in Hell/Inferno like the rest of us.

You'll get furious, you'll be annoyed, you'll want to quit... but then you remember how much you love the game and how that next piece of amazing loot will drop off the next monster.
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I call bull!@#$ on anyone who says D2's hell difficulty wasn't kind of hard. Especially upon release of original D2. Even in LoD, if you hadn't been trading for good items and first arrive in hell it's going to be difficult. Especially if you're playing alone.
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02/03/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Ren
Nightmare was slightly harder but it wasn't that bad. Hell was hard if you had a crappy character build or without gear. Once you got all your gear and the right build, Hell was pretty easy.

Read this as: once you have the best Hell-Difficulty gear and outleveled the content, Hell was easy.

But first entering Hell without twinking or buying all your gear was quite challenging. At times frustratingly so. Especially if you didn't do NM Baal runs forever, etc.
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02/03/2012 12:41 PMPosted by D3BETA
Also when the difficulty ramps up is it going to be just more damage and numbers of mobs, or will the mob's scripts become more complex?
Mobs will do more damage, be more aggressive and have a variety of dangerous mods. Like in D2, a hard monster may have a pack of minions with him. He could have an aura making the minions tougher and his attacks could be cold enchanted.
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D2 even at it's hardest was never really hard. The game is designed so you can solo pretty much everything.

Only a complete noob struggled with it.

The only time it was somewhat difficult was running a WW barbarian in act4 chaos back in the day when you could "crunch" yourself to death with a bad timed IM curse on ya. that was about the only time it was actually somewhat difficult....and that wasn't really anything major to those who were smart enough to account for it.

I remember putting on lower damage weapons just to accommodate for that.
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game was hard but was exploited....They fired the security guys that dealt with that kinda stuff so it was really unbalanced but I loved it anyways
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