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Initiating in PVP on empty spirit?

Assuming of course that the monk will start an arena with empty spirit; I'm wondering what the best move would be to initiate a first attack against a ranged opponent that will be trying to keep you away.

The barbarian has fury generators such as leap attack, spear, and furious charge to get close to his opponents...

The monk, afaik, has no spirit generators that help close the gap between him and his opponents. He has abilities like cyclone strike and dashing strike that close distance, but these all spend spirit.

In my opinion, he needs an initiator that doesn't spend spirit...unless blizz is planning to allow the monk to start arenas with a full, or partially full, spirit gauge.
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monks have semi mid range attack generators for spirit. i will guarantee you that most of the time you will not initiate combat, they will come to you. either way, when you play a monk, you always start with spirit, only barbarians don't have rage to start.
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I was wondering / worried about this also. I really don't think Blizz can justify monks starting with no spirit; they would get rolled. Monk would NEVER catch a Demon hunter to generate spirit.
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A monk without spirit is like a Wizard without Arcane Power - they would definitely start with a full cup
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Only 2 options exist.


I would think a monk should start with like 25 spirit to be balanced. I think a full spirit bar would be too much, and empty wouldn't be enough.
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Monks will/should start with full faith.
Given that you can get passive Faith Regen on gear (albeit in fairly small amounts) It is actually fairly unreasonable to expect monks to start with 0 Faith, if there's any prep-time/pre fight loading etc. You'd naturally regen a healthy chunk of faith.
I suppose the second the match starts for real you could have your resource bar emptied, but if that's the case, Hatred, Discipline, Arcane power, and Mana should start empty too. Granted almost all of those regenerate faster than faith, but it'd be stupid to have 1 class start with 0 resources. What about barbs? Well they can generate rage without actually touching the other player so w/e, and can spec passives to not lose rage ooc so they could start full too if they were so inclined.
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They WILL start with full spirit. When you join games (in the beta) your Monk has full spirit, so they will definitely do it for PvP too.
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