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Difficulty needs to be dialed up!

I'm actually quite pleased with the pacing in the beta. When you start fresh, untwinked, it feels about right. Then once you have some gear to start with from other toons, you can roll through the starter stuff fairly easily. To me, this is exactly the way it is supposed to feel. It feels a lot like D2 in the pacing of the first 9-10 levels.
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At any rate, I did fight Leoric at lvl. 8, and he was ridiculously easy (as was every floor of the cathedral), which is to say I never dropped below half health over the entire course of the beta's content. D1 and D2 had at least some modicum of challenge, even in Act 1. This is my point; it's too easy, even for the first ~10 levels.

Go back an play Diablo 2 up to Cain again (Approx same progression through the game). There's only two ways I can possibly see a skilled player having difficulty with this.
1.) Rakanishu
2.) Treehead Woodfist
These are also incredibly easy. A skilled player in Diablo 2 wont have any difficulty up until Andarial. A less skilled player can have problems as early as Corpsefire. I haven't played D3 yet, but I'm willing to bet Blizzard will get this right based on their prior games.
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Difficulty seems fine to me for a starting area on Normal. I say this from the perspective of having played too many games since the 1980s. I personally prefer a natural progression of difficulty as you advance rather than being ridiculously hard from the very beginning for the sake of it. However, I'm not expecting Normal by the end to cause much pain. Not in the way older games did. Castlevania's first level was easy enough but by the time I reached Dracula my rage meter was beyond critical. :)
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I'm going to post this every time someone comments on these posts.

Thanks for posting this. It's certainly relevant to the discussion, but I have to disagree with Wilson on a few points. He claims that D2 was just as easy. It's not; showing a bit of torpid footage from the first zone of the first Act does not constitute a solid argument. I've played through D2 Act 1 fairly recently, and am able to say unequivocally that it ramps up much faster than I'm seeing with D3. The rate of potion consumption alone makes a pretty convincing case for this. Also, they conspicuously make no mention of D1 . . .

02/04/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Crucifier
I would argue that making the first difficulty mode so trivially easy will greatly lessen the impact and sense of satisfaction of the first playthrough for any given player. The reason they are making it so easy is so casuals will play it, but what they don't realize is that it will be tough for the casual players to hold interest if it is so incredibly easy. Most of the people that I know who casually played diablo 1 back in the day had so many stories about how awesome it was to kill the butcher, triumphing over it after losing a few times. I believe that is how the original diablo games got to be so popular.

I couldn't agree more. The Butcher was the hook, and one of his most memorable characteristics has to be his terrifying speed and ferocity, particularly for first time players. I think Wilson is mistaken in his belief that extreme lack of challenge will lure in casuals who in turn may become hardcore players. From my admittedly biased perspective, I have trouble imagining that someone who would be put off by difficulty slightly above what we're currently seeing has much potential to become hardcore. Doesn't the notion of a latent hardcore with a pathological aversion to challenge seem rather absurd? Wilson might also consider that an equal number of casuals could be put off by an experience that offers them no thrills or brushes with danger, or tarries to long in delivering them.

To summarize, I'm not convinced that this approach will broaden the fan base, and yet it will almost assuredly blunt the enjoyment of hardcore players to some degree. There's something to be said of being challenged while exploring the world and experiencing the lore for the first time. This holds true for players of all skill levels.

there is alot of hating in this thread.
but shizz is too easy, shouldn't have to get naked and speed run to find a challenge, even in normal act 1 part 1 beta. No one's complaining, 'cept all the debbie drama trolls.

02/04/2012 06:35 PMPosted by Luke
You're all bashing on the OP, but he's not bashing anyone. I'll never understand you people. The Beta IS easy, and was designed to be. I agree that it doesn't let you stress-test the different classes, but it is as Blizzard intended it to be. I think that the beta was rather a server-stress test, rather than a class one anyways.

Yes, I found the reaction a bit bewildering as well. ^_^
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However, I'm not expecting Normal by the end to cause much pain. Not in the way older games did. Castlevania's first level was easy enough but by the time I reached Dracula my rage meter was beyond critical. :)

This is my concern: starting so precipitously low, the difficulty won't have enough time to ramp up to respectable levels, even by the end of normal mode. I don't want my first play-through to be a snooze fest, and I don't think it's unreasonable to express disagreement with Wilson's approach.

As for Castlevania . . . I'd say hard quest (second play-through), level 2 (so many medusas!) is just about when the mercury shoots through the roof for me. This is speaking from considerable experience of course; renting it for the first time, that award definitely went to the CAVES!!
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The real irony here is that Diablo2 was probably the easiest game ever made and you all loved it. Now all of the sudden you're all up in arms that the first 5% of the tutorial is too easy. Ridiculous.
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02/04/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Gigan
The real irony here is that Diablo2 was probably the easiest game ever made and you all loved it. Now all of the sudden you're all up in arms that the first 5% of the tutorial is too easy. Ridiculous.

Actually, I preferred Diablo 1, but that's beside the point.

Is the case for leaving the challenge level right where it is so overwhelming that merely to question it ought to be characterized as "ridiculous?" Perhaps I should ask, "what is the motivation behind your dogged defense of the current difficulty?" I'm genuinely curious.
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I have to agree that it is too easy right now. I had read that the beta was very easy and was prepared for that..for the most part I agree with the overall idea of making it start off extremely easy and gradually build up from there. However I was still surprised at just HOW easy it was.

I just started earlier today and on my first time playing through all the way to skeleton king, I don't think I ever went below 70% health or so. I certainly never died or felt any need at all to use a potion. After a few Skeleton king runs, I even started doing things like intentionally running into the middle of packs of mobs and not attacking at all. The templar was still able to kill them easily before I took any noticeable amount of damage. I even went toe-to-toe with the Skeleton king for pretty much the whole fight now(admittedly as level 12 by this time) and still didn't take any significant damage. To make matters worse, all of this was as a wizard and without using any defensive skills.

In short, it's not just that the beta is easy at this point that people are complaining about. As I said, I was fully prepared for that. It's that even TRYING to get killed or at least take significant damage, I really couldn't at this point which is where I would draw the line and say that it is definitely TOO easy.

On the other hand, yes, this is just the beta and I'm sure the difficulty will be further adjusted. I also know they just did some major changes in how the stats work and this probably threw the balance off a bit, so will have to just wait and see, I guess. Aside from this, the game itself looks good overall.
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02/04/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Trisee
here we go with this again...
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I agree that the difficulty of the beta is fine. But I also agree with the OP in the sense that there should be SOME challenges throughout Normal. They don't have to be super hard challenges, but I just hope Blizzard doesn't leave it until Nightmare for the difficulty to start.

Yea we don't know what the rest of the game will be like, but hopefully they put this in
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02/04/2012 04:53 PMPosted by LoverlyPillo
here we go with this again...
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A lot of games start very easy and work themselves up to ridiculous difficulty. I wouldn't worry much.
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