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Healer Monk

Made this monk for the higher difficulties when in parties. Any feedback on the build would be greatly appreciated.
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Seems good on paper as a "healer" will just have to see if it's actually worthwhile when compared to 50-50 damage abilities coupled with healing abilities.
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I changed one of your passives (if you are a straight out healer, you do not need Transcendence) and your mantra, check out the benefits of this build:

I also changed your crippling wave Rune so that you offer your group an important debuff
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Couple builds I had in my saved builds here:

First is full on healer designed for a team that's all out damage and doesn't really need me to do damage. Really don't expect to need anything like it with good players. Has as much passive spirit regen as I could squeeze in because Cyclone and Breath are expensive.


This second is support, designed to work with a team and increase their damage, while doing his share of the damage as well and healing as needed. Packs a passive heal with Mantra of Conviction, and an active one with Cyclone. Chose Lashing because it's cheap, becomes basically something to spend spirit on while it's full, so that one builder gets me back up to enough for cyclone. Besides a well timed stun can be more effective than a heal quite often.


Personally I'd much rather play something like the second.
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From the other healing Monk thread:

Inferno support build:

For the Mantra of Healing rune, adjust based on need. High burst damage from boss? Obsidian for higher overall pool. Higher dps? Crimson for higher regen rate. Too easy? Add golden rune for more spirit and do more Cyclones.

Spirit generation:
Mystic Ally
Passive regeneration
Melee when things aren't rough

Possible play styles:

Sweeping Wind combo x3
Cyclone Strike
Breath of Heaven
Let Mystic Ally run around poking things

(2 x Hundred Fists + 1 Sweeping Wind) x 3
Keep MA up
BoH when needed (keep enough spirit for it)
Extra spirit goes to Cyclone

This is assuming, of course, that one can do 2 strikes from one generator and use only the third from another (for bosses/champs); also assumes that the Sweeping Wind AOE follows you around (for trash/easy groups).
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I hated this character system at first, but I'm learning to love it fast. There is just so much you can do with it, and minor tweaks to an ability will often more about play style and personal preference.

That said I totally understand the changes you made but I wouldn't make them for me. I like deadly reach, because it lets me keep to the back a bit and still generate energy.

The inner sanctuary is a judgement call, personally with all the other healing I'd rather use it the way I have it. 40% less damage plus mantra of healing should break even or be better than mantra heal plus inner sanctuary heal over the given time if your getting hit and if your not getting hit we have lots of other heals.

As for the last change we need to constantly be hitting things to get spirit with all these big spenders. And that should be possible without too much danger with the deadly reach I keep. Last but not least if I'm packing all these heals I don't plan on dying.

In the end either build should get the job done.

As for the last build...any build with no Mantra is pretty much fail, I assume that's an error and you meant to swap out something else.

Edit: Enki posted while I was making my post so those comments are at Ursock.

Secondly, I'm just not a fan of builds with both Breath and Cyclone...there both big expensive heals with no cooldown, and most likely going to heal whoever your healing to full. If your specced to be in the mix and can tank a little go Cyclone, if your staying out of the thick of things like a traditional healer go Breath. Too much good stuff around to pack both.
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My healer:

Focused more on buff/debuff and cc

for you:
50% increased life for you and pet + 25 second taunt
50% increase in spirit (from 200 to 300)
20% increase in spirit generation

for you and group:
improved group heal
up to 56% dmg buff to you and your allies
3 second immunity to control impairing affects

for mobs:
7 second blind
up to 70% dmg debuff
50% slow
35% attack speed debuff
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ut I was under the impression that your spirit pool was 200 and that each hit ontop of generators earn you spirit. Am I wrong?

It's 150 spirit in beat, from 1-13 anyways. You start full, but it doesn't go up on it's own, nor decay. By default you only build it by using Spirit Generators. Bo's staffs have some regen on them, as do socketing options for a few skills and a passive.

Vixen, I like your build, very solid for group play, I'd be much more likely to play something like that than a dedicated healing build personally.

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I can see it now. LF healer for hardcore.
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