Diablo® III

help me w my build.

great aoe / possible mf intensions.

and here is the logic behind it.. cyclone strike to pull all mobs close to you, then unleash the boom stick wave of light to pretty much own everything, and then chase down stragglers with sweeping wind. the one problem is that in my build i have mystic ally, everyone is really pro mystic ally and says it will be huge but im not a big fan of helpers, i like to play as the lone hero type.. can anybody find another skill to complement this build? im a big fan of seven sided strike but what do you think.. im leaning this towards my aoe'ing mf/gold farming build. mainly to mow stuff down fast and continue on.
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Here's my plan for a farming build that's hopefully still good all the way into inferno, aimed for a good mix of defense/damage/healing. As you can see I went a totally different direction than you.


Lot of decisions will be gear dependent of course. Damage is always good, and planning on damage in a few abilities as you can see, but if I'm taking too much damage can swap those out.

Spirit Generators:
Crippling Wave: Absolutely loved this in beta. Every third hit dazes and slows in a pbaoe. Already hits everything in front of you with ever hit and 143% weapon damage on every attack with Mangle should be amazing. This will be my left click button and don't plan on ever looking back. If taking too much damage will swap out Mangle for Concussion.

Deadly Reach: Small range here for when you occasionally need it but the main reason for this is Foresight. Mainly plan on using this for bosses and tougher mobs to ramp up damage.

Spirit Spenders:
First off I want to point out Transcendence in passives. A lot of my decisions on these are based on it. I didn't want Dashing Strike for example because I'm spending spirit at the start of a fight then, when I'm hopefully not hurt.

Lashing Tail Kick: Big damage and a nice, cheap heal with Transcendence. Damage for bosses once again, since most tend to be immune to other effects.

Cyclone Strike: I loved the ability in beta, my only wish is it were slightly bigger area for a good way to deal with archers. When I saw Implosion this becomes a no brainer. Pull everything in then daze and slow it with crippling wave. The bigger area should get most archers that are actually attacking you.

Serenity: Five seconds is a nice chunk of time to run away or heal when things are going bad. Can also time it to deal with boss attacks if you don't want to run away. This may change if I never need it or I really like one of the higher level abilities when I get to test it.

Mantra of Evasion: 25% dodge and 120% armor, what's not to love. Another 25% dodge for 3 seconds, which should push you close to cap with good gear. A heal to boot with Transcendence.

Passive Skills
Transcendence of course isn't going anywhere, since it's the only heal I'm packing, the other two are really up for debate, depending on gear. One with everything seems like good way to get resists with easily found gear. And guardian's path is basically just there for another 10% dodge.
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