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About finding rares & my opposite experience

There has been more and more threads about how difficult it is to find rares. I have to say, I'm quite surprised and confused at the same time. I have had absolutely no problem finding rares. Every since Patch 10, I think I have found easily 30+ of them. Just within the past 3 hours I found 7. I salvaged most of them. But I have at least 10 just sitting around in my chest right now.

What exactly are you guys doing that's making rares so hard to find? Are you doing only SK runs? Here's what I do and my experience:

1. I only do SK runs to go from lvl 11 to 13. Not because I want to, but because Blizzard forces me to do that if I want to join public games. I have found only 1 rare during my 50+ times of doing the run over 6 characters.
2. I always start new characters as soon as I reach lvl 13 on my current one. I have found all my rares by walking around in the open areas and crypts that have little to do with the main storyline.
3. I explore a lot and usually find every single champion. Champions drop a lot of rares. Bosses are the opposite. I turn over every corps, blast every urn, and check everything that can be clicked on. I think around 5 of my rares came from one of those.

So yeah, if you are not finding rares by doing SK runs, perhaps explore more? I don't know. This is just my experience. Hope it helps.
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Are you sure you're talking about the same stuff?

If you're talking about blue gear, that's not rares, that's magic items. Rares are yellow.
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02/03/2012 09:55 PMPosted by D3BETA
Are you sure you're talking about the same stuff?

02/03/2012 09:55 PMPosted by D3BETA
Rares are yellow.

OP is talking about an unusual amount of rares compared to what I've heard/seen about people in the beta.
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I have 8 lvl 13 chars and have played through a ton with each one. I think I've found 6-8 rares. Most have been decent, actually. But I have always been able to craft better items than the rares. This is what I would expect for the first 3rd of the first act though.
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