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Class Imbalance

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This is not a thread about one class being UP or OP compared to another. I've only played as a Witch Doctor so far (and watched a friend play a barb), so I can't comment on that.

Instead, I'd like to pose a question: which classes do you see the most and why?

I haven't played a whole lot yet, but so far this is what I've seen in public games:

0 Barbs (except my friend)
0 Witch Doctors (except me)
1 Wizard
2 Monks
Everything else: Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter seems to be the most popular class by a mile from the little I've seen. Is it because of their speed and range? Are they cooler than the other characters? Or is it the crossbow appeal, because it makes the Demon Hunter feel like more of a gunslinger, so it appeals to a wider audience that doesn't necessarily like the medieval fantasy setting?

When I saw the Witch Doctor in the Diablo 3 announcement gameplay video, I was immediately drawn to it and felt sure it would be the class for me, but having played it now, alot of the appeal is gone. The abilities just lack consistency and summoning is simpler than I hoped it would be. When my friend was playing the barb, I liked what I saw (which is really unlike me...I hate melee characters).
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Demon Hunter has level 13 Rare Hand Crossbows available in the Blacksmith, from memory.


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Personally, I don't like the melee classes. I think it's more fun to have to kite monsters and try to avoid being hit. With melee I feel like I'm just standing there trying to hit them harder than they hit me. With the witch doctor, I just don't like his moves. I don't like summoning pets, I'd rather kill stuff by myself. I also don't like his moves in general, but I'm sure some people out there do. I like DH over wizard at the moment because of the resource system, the ability vault, and the range of abilities I can use that do not require resources. The DH has 6 abilities that generate hatred, while the wizard only has 4 abilities that are free to cast. I will be playing DH as my first character and most likely wizard as my second.
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Just played a bit more and actually saw a witch doctor and a barb! Also a bunch more wizards, but no new monks. Demon Hunters are still prominent though.
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This will shift all the time.....

And for me, I see all classes, but very few witch doctors.
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Its level 13..... who cares... its the beta.....

You can QQ about this when the game is out, move on, please!
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