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Of Wounding & +Fire Damage Mechanics

If I have a Mace of Wounding with a damage range of 4-8 and an affix of "+1-3 Damage", does that mean that the Mace of Wounding can actually do a possible 5-11 damage?

Or does it just mean that ANY attack I do, even with an Off-hand, will do an extra 1-3 damage (as in the affix affects all damage output, not just the output of the weapon?

Same thing with "+1-3 Fire Damage" affix. That will add 1-3 fire damage to ANY and ALL attacks you do while dual wielding, not JUST attacks with that one weapon?

I know the "+X% Damage" affix only affects your weapons, not your actual damage output, so I also want to know if these other affixes worked the same way or if they affect your damage total damage output instead of just increasing damage ranges.

Hope this made sense.
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So I've learned some quirks of these affixes and how they work. Wish things weren't this inconsistent. I'm sharing in case anyone else wondered about this.

+damage affixes (eg. +2-4 Damage) are already calculated into the damage range shown on the tooltip.

+element damage affixes (eg. +2-4 Fire) are NOT calculated into the damage range already but is taken into account in the shown DPS of the tooltip.

+damage affixes on a weapon DO NOT get added to your other weapon when dual wielding.

+APS affixes (+0.09 Attacks Per Second) DO get added to your other weapon when dual wielding.

+element damage affixes also don't add damage to your other weapon while dual wielding.

+damage affixes on NON-weapon Off-hand items (Orbs, Wanga Dolls, Etc.) DO add the damage to your Main weapon. Seems obvious since this affix appears on rings and amulets as well, but this would make you think that having +damage on your Off-hand WEAPON would add damage to your MH going by that.

There are other weird things as well which mostly seem to be UI bugs, mainly weird damage ranges showing up on my "regular melee" attack (my weapon has a damage range of 4-5 but it will show as 3-5 on the Melee Attack button).
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