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Jay talks about what is the hold up - october

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Blizzard is sly, in the best way possible. I saw a picture comparing the collectors edition informations. It said Q1 about 4 months ago for the annual pass deal, then Blizz made it to "during release." They are very smart and know what to say haha.

What they said about beta until today was "there may be more events and there is the opt in system" then boom 100,000 keys.

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Your right on the money. Blizz is sly like that, Under promise and the over deliver.
Surprise the customer with how much you have done while implying its just gonna be
"a few tweaks"

I think Blizz has some of the lowest pressure from "the boss" to get the product out
the door asap. quality takes time, now mind you they did rush sc2 just a bit, releasing
it with a few features missing (but highly stable, no complaints from me... they sorted
everything out in good time)
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Again jay mentions the entire reason for holdup is, polish, bugs, and online services. Very interesting in light of recent twitter comments.
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02/04/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Masakari
This needs to be bumped so as many people can see it as possible.

Dont SAY you are bumping it... thats necroing... banable... you should just bring a different point of view on it to bump it or something...

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02/04/2012 05:12 AMPosted by Agnosis
now mind you they did rush sc2 just a bit


Why do people still say this? If you followed the SC2 development at all (which is very similar to the D3 development) you should be aware that SC2 was supposed to be ready by late 2009, and they delayed it to "first half" of 2010 and then to July 27th 2010 (late 2010). The game was WAY overdue so how can you possibly call it "rushed"?
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