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Quick Wins for Diablo III Success.

Good evening everyone,

I'd like to place this positive post about D3, to alleviate the negative mood found in most of the posts here. In two hours of gameplay I can tell you that D3 IS still like D2 in MANY ways, regardless of the indiviual integration of seperate structures D2 offered compared to D3 (such as skill point allocation). I wanted to mention a few things that I've experienced during the first two hours of BETA gameplay that I feel are small but quick wins that associate success to the mechanics of the new game changes.

1. Player Banners
  • Customizing your own Banners at the game menu with different icons and colors are great.
  • Teleport to your party members location instantly from their banner found in town. This is superior to pre-D3 where 'Town Portals' had to be created by your party member.
  • 2. Improved Friends list
  • The ability to see your list of friends visually and inviting them to the game is a simple and easy feature that integrated into the menu.
  • 3. Minimap
  • Theres now a minimap in the top right corner, where you can press 'M' to see the entire map.
  • Your party members show up as blue dots.
  • 4. Loot system
  • Individual loot and gold for each party member.
  • Walking over the gold is carpal tunnel preventative.
  • Chests and 'Treasures' are also individual drops.
  • 5. Staying together as a party is easier
  • Compared to pre-D3, you have the need to stay near your party to get the loot that drops.(Because they don't see what drops for you, so there is no fear they will pick up the items).
  • Running out of stamina in the early stages is no longer a factor.
  • 6. Animations
  • The corpse of a fallen monster still have animations when using abilities near them.
  • The active environments such as chandeliers falling when clicked upon.
  • Another example is a flock of crows feasting on a corpse before you arrive to loot the body.
  • 7. Inventory Size
  • The size of the inventory to item drop ratio operates in a way that you don't need to run to town every two minutes.
  • 8. Desructible and Interactive Terrain
  • Abilities and mouse clicks cause cement to break and walls to fall.
  • 9. More Barrels to break
  • There's always something to smash or search for more gold and items.
  • 10. Unlimited Arrows/No Arcane abilities
  • Just a quick win. Was such a waste of time buying arrows and bolts pre-D3.
  • 11. Shared buffs.
  • Shrines that are activated are now given to every party member.
  • 'Health-Orbs' that you walk over are granted to each party member.
  • 12. End of Dungeon 'Teleport'.
  • If you need to search multiple dungeons to find the 'right one' and stumble upon the wrong one, there is a stone that will teleport you to the entrance which saves A LOT of travel time.
  • 13. Buff Icons
  • Ex. How long will the shrine buff last? Look for the icon near your skill toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • 14. XP Bonuses
  • Definitely a good feeling when a small window popsup and grants you an extra 200 XP for killing X amount of monsters in a row.
  • 15. Town Portal
  • Instantly reminded me of WoW's Hearth but no cooldown. Much better.
  • 16. Environment
  • Graphics are fantastic and smooth. The animated globes are great, as are the abilities.

  • If you feel I've missed something that is not included, please post and I will update accordingly. It would be great to have this 'Positive' list as easy reference for anyone looking to see various game improvements compared to the previous versions.
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    Good post! I enjoyed reading it : )
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    I'd add exclusive loot to that list. No more fighting bots/lower latency players.

    And physics.
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