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Book of Cain questions

Hello all, I just ordered my Book of Cain so I can brush up on the story, and been reading a lot of great reviews on it. From a player who hasn't been on a Diablo game for many years, would there be any other books you all would suggest, or this book will be good enough for catching up on lore? I want to be ready, and fully understanding what's going on by the time of D3.

Thank you :)
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Book of Cain essentially does covers just about everything that is major lore significance of the Diablo fanshcie, with the exception of a few lacking areas people overlook.

You can also purse over the journal entries of Abd al-Hazir and a couple other lore-related pages from the Diablo III site's World section: http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/world/ (e.g. dark cultists, unburied, New Tristram, Cain's Journal etc.) The Game Guide found in the battle.net header above include more lore for the Classes (again), plus background accounts of the Artisans and Followers.

If you want Diablo novels, the Diablo Archives packed together with four novels. The Sin War trilogy may prove interesting to pick up if you'll like to get a firsthand read of a historical event of Sanctuary, but heads-up, if you don't want spoilers (or don't want to read a trilogy) Book of Cain does roughly summarize the Sin War novels.
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Wow, a lot of info I see :) Thank you very much for all that. Will be checking the journals and all the readings from the link until my book arrives. After that, if needed or really excited (which my guess is I will be) I will continue to those archives.

Thank you once again for the info, really appreciate it. :D
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If you're interested in the lore definitely pick up the Sin War trilogy. It's not the best example of writing from the Diablo series but they are the most important in terms of story.

My personal favorites are the Kingdom of Shadow and Moon of the Spider, and should be read in that order. Those are worth a read even though they are most likely not going to be considered canon.
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Thank you Nein, I will bookmark those too so I can grab when I'm done with the Book of Cain. I'm not the fastest reader, but hopefully all can be grab'd before D3 launch. :D Thanks for your input!
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don't forget the comic! As I understand it, it reveals what happened to Tyrael after the destruction of the World Stone
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