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Slow Rocket Build


The aim of the build is to focus on cc/slows in combination with rockets for PvE. I played with idea of trading out one of the Hatred spenders in exchange for the Spider or Bat companion depending on if the combination of Frost Arrow and Entangling shot did not provide enough slow to keep the 20% bonus from Cull of the Weak up. Or if I was spending too much hatred too quickly then I would add the Bat companion to help maintain that.

If Hatred management is not an issue the entangling shot rune could be switched out for chain gang or heavy burden to maintain the cull of the weak bonus.

Another major issue is the lack of an evasion or escape ability.

Comments and Critiques welcome.
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A slow+ rocket demon hunter is a really good way to go for solo, because of the great damage output of rockets and the survivability that slow provides in conjunction with it, but I think that this build goes the wrong way about it. First of all, very resource inefficient. The only way of gaining discipline is entangling shot and you have so many hatred spenders; it's impractical. Many of those hatred spenders are big ones too. Entangling shot is also your only real way of slowing, since Elemental Arrow won't be used often at all because of the whole resource thing.

Here's my change to your build, it has more emphasis on the 'attack from far away' strategy that slow implies, and uses the most essential rockets : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#eXkPdb!cYS!bc.YYZ

Entangling shot is good. As are rapid fire and cluster arrow. They're both pretty expensive, but with a heavier emphasis on discipline it should be okay. They're also different types of damage, Single Target and AoE (before a lot of the skills were overlapping in purpose too) Combined with Cull the weak, rockets and Steady Aim, you've got some crazy damage increase. Caltrops with damage is very good slow, handy damage and pretty much always active, especially with preparation (any rune is good except for crimson). Massive Vault for if someone gets too close, or you get one of those annoying guys that runs or jumps up to you real quick.

edit: hmm, just looking at it, you may not even need preparation because of the cooldown on caltrops. Bat or spider (probably bat, though) companion would be good in its place, since they only need to be cast once and give you a handy bonus either way you go.
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I would change steady aim back to vengeance as it originally was to allow rapid fire and cluster arrow to be used more, not to mention it makes health globes that much more useful. I wouldn't really worry too much about preperation as you said because there isn't really enough demand on discipline with this build. I would probably take the spider companion to really emphasise on the slow downs, as it should be able to pick up any that where missed by caltrops.

I would also change out cluster arrow for multi shot with the obsidian rune arsenal as it is more spamable and provides a damage type other than physical and still benefits from ballistics passive. Oh and possible change Entagling shots rune to indigo's chain gang so if the build was to run out of discipline then it could still handle groups a little better, it's optional though as I realise golden allows you to generate hatred much faster.

Other than that I believe that those are some real improvements on the original build, as you said it was very heavy on the spenders and didn't really have enough in the way of generators to allow for that many spenders.
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Yep, I pretty much agree with everything except the steady aim thing. I just feel like without crimson discipline there's no need for it. I mean, how often are you going to be at full hatred for this build? The idea is to send rockets out as quickly as possible. Therefore an increase in max hatred wouldn't be utilised very effectively. I'm also a sucker for damage increases, a this one just seems so easily achievable.

edit: oh and about entangling, without golden, at 4 hatred a shot this build nearly halves the amount of time it can spend rocketing (with regen factored in), which I believe is too big a trade-off for the convenience of the chain. Caltrops and spider should slow fine enough, entangling shot is just icing on the slow cake, and you don't want to put more icing on if it means neglecting the jam (hatred).
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It's much of a muchness in the short term with regards to vengeance and steady aim, I only say this because in the long run like a boss fight or something, being able to use an ability more often will increase overall damage.

Eg. w/o vengence (for say multi shot)
Hatred pool of 125 / skill cost 15 (for multi shot) * 1.1 for damage increase
gives you the equivalent of ~9.2 attacks

w/ vengeance
Hatred pool of 175 / skill cost 15
gives the equivalent of ~11.7 attacks

~11.7 attacks will do more damage than ~9.2 attacks. Again that only applies in the long run like a boss fight not if you are killing mobs and the like before your hatred depletes (of 125).

I agree with you on the entangling shot, was more of a fall back plan if you ran out of discipline, the other thing to consider is gear, even in the beta I've seen increase to hatred generation getting around, this doesn't however change the fact that the skill can't generate the same amount of hatred if it isn't golden runed, so point still stands, just something to consider if you plan on gearing for resource generation.
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Based off the suggestions I modified it to this. The companion again could be switched to bat if cc is not an issue and hatred regen is. I also dropped caltrops, something about them just rubs me the wrong way.

Given my experiences in the beta I have yet to really need an escape ability but this could obviously change. If so I may drop 1 of the abilities and put vault in its place.

Went with multi-shot over cluster for two reason. 1. it uses less hatred and 2. because it comes out as fire damage rather than physical. This will give me 1 frost, 2 fire, 3 physical (2 with slow incorporated). Overall 3 slows total and 3 rockets.

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...Close enough??? Or...?
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Question, With rapid fire. Do you still do the normal rapid fire plus the 4 rockets? Or is it converted to rockets only?
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"while channeling rapid fire". I assume it is in addition to.
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I thought that was the case, but became unsure because with strafe it says "in addition to regular firing, fires off homing rockets."
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Im confused as why you need 3 spenders in multi,rapid,ele .. i can understand either ele/rapid and multi or rapid and multi/ele because frankly ele can be used single target or aoe rather well but why do you need all 3.
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I like the idea but I agree with Bangkokbetty. My build is semi the same.


I love building builds but I have to try and see how well certain skills work.

-Like I have Entangled shot with the 6sec slow. Figure more time to get damage in. But I see where you are coming from with the extra hatered.
-I like fan of knives and vault. Figure use it and move away.
-Im like to be more mobile, so i choose strafe over multi. But would like to try both out, and see how strafe works.

We both have the spiders. But Id like to see how well going with two slows(Knives and Entangled) and then could go a couple ways with the last one. Would be down to Sentry, Caltrops, or maybe mess with rein of vengance, could use Fan of knives for slow/extra damage and then pop it.
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the reason I have three spenders is that I am using elemental arrow for the rune that gives it slow capabilities. With entangling runed to increase Hatred generation I am only able to lock down two mobs. So i entangle and fire a couple elemental arrows to slow the group and then open up with the other abilities to proc cull of the weak and ballistics passives.

Rapid fire is for the single mobs/bosses/small groups and multi for the larger mobs. Also rapid fire does physical damage and multi does fire damage. Diversification.

After play testing this I may switch in vault for the escape mechanic but still just do not like caltrops. You can only place them where you are standing unless I missed something or am fail-sauce.
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Take a look out the build Genesis and I made. Then look at yours. Then think, 'How practical are my skills'. Then change them.
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Fire all the rockets! (and never have any resources)
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Here's my version of the build. some of the runes and the last skill psot seem to change every time I build it.

One generator 2 hatred and 2 disc spenders. Spider and vault and Entangle for survival. Sentry for passive damage and rapid fire and cluster arrow for single & aoe damage.


In the lower levels the comp will be a boar in memory of Nasse the Rotting Agam'ar. Later it might change to smoke screen or health runed preparation.

The other version of the build uses grenades and grenadier for increased AOE damage.

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@ Cooper640

It seems like you are trolling, and everyone that has seen this build is a little more dumb for it. There is no way that is a practical build and just as ridiculous if it was for !@#$s and giggles. You have one generator which i have no problems with but all except one of your hatred skills are expensive and all revolve around rockets. Yes it is a rocket build but there is no need for such extremities. 2 skills tops with the one focus (in this case rockets) to allow a little bit of versatility not every skill except your generator.

Strafe uses even more hatred than rapid fire and cluster arrow can only be used twice i believe, could be used 3 times if you took vengeance but you haven't. You have no means of escape except to try and kill everything.

I hate being negative, but there is so much wrong with that build that you would be better off starting from scratch.

If you are/were trolling you have succeeded, i have never seen such a ridiculous build in my life and that's saying a lot with how much i dislike seeing melee demon hunters.

If you can explain to me a practical use for this build i will retract my comments, until then i still think that is a terrible build.
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Here is something that should work fairly well.


Active Skills
-Entangling Shot with golden rune for rapid hatred generation (i also like indigo) and crowd control with slow/snare

-Rapid Fire with obsidian rune for rockets so as to be with the theme and good for single target damage

-Multi Shot with golden rune for electrical damage, is cheap and good for hitting multiple targets

-Companion with crimson rune for spider and more crowd control with slow/snare

-Caltrops with obsidian rune for crowd control with immobilize

-Vault with crimson rune for a means of escape and another way to kite (i realize that people may not like this skill due to pathing, it could also be swapped out with smoke screen with obsidian rune for more hatred regen or crimson for damage)

-Vengeance for an increased hatred pool and to make orbs more useful

-Cull the Weak for the damage boost to slowed/snared enemies which this build is designed around

-Ballistics to boost the damage of the rockets (i would rather take custom engineering in this build to make caltrops a little more cost effective)

This build has versatility in its variety of attack damage types (Physical, Fire and Electric), crowd control abilities and maneuverability, the passives where chosen to boost the effects of the build and play style of this class. I have still tried to keep somewhat to the OP's style of build.

NOTE: It is possible and would also work well if you swapped the runes of rapid fire and multi shot as multi shot can be spammed more and make more use of the ballistics passive with the obsidian rune and the golden rune in rapid fire will reduce its costs making it a much more viable general use skill but will reduce the number of damage types this build is capable of (Physical and Fire).
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