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Who must I execute for the sacred opportunity to earn beta access on Diablo 3 my lords.
Till then - I shall be playing Diablo 2 Lord Of Destruction on Hardcore USEast Ladder ;)

EDIT: if you play on USEast add TheMidasTouch
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Again.. Not missing anything. I got bored of "beta" in 4 hours which equated to three runs from start to finish btw.
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By the time you beat normal mode in Diablo 2 you will spent the equivalent of 50+ skeleton king runs and you are much less likely to quit before completion.
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02/11/2012 06:37 PMPosted by Toogreat
Who must I execute for the sacred opportunity to earn beta access on Diablo 3 my lords

No one. You must restrain yourself. If you kill someone, you might be in jail if you get an invite... and unable to partake in that invite because you're in jail without a computer. Or even worse your sentence to prison likely would be enough to cover even when the game releases.

Oh, you meant in game? I didn't think they were having that sort of competition...
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Bliz should do this
Get people interested in the new battle.net balance
Load 50$ into your account and get beta

This is kind of like preordering D3 and getting beta

Please Bliz.

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Just here to remind you, the beta is testing the launcher, patches, servers and other things of that nature. It's not something to say, "Hey here ya go, have fun... we hope you like the beta so you will buy the game".

Stop begging for beta, never once have I seen someone who asked for it, receive it.

and boom goes the dynamite
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Yeah, begging a bit. I've been a bit down since I missed the 10k invites.

I understand what the beta is, and what it is meant to be testing.

SC2 they introduced battle.net 2.0, and that was a stress test. They let anyone in that preordered the game.

I'm not expecting hours upon hours of playtime. Its not a full game. The D2 beta when it was released you only got to choose barb, and get to the blood raven. I enjoyed that thoroughly. I think that is even less content that everyone is complaining about D3. I think it'd take me about 1/2 hour to clear den, and blood raven on a really bad run.

All you beta people that are just meh about the game should consider yourself lucky. Yes the beta is meant to test the bliz servers, patches, gameplay, etc., but you get early access into the game along with that you get access to all characters. When the game comes out you pretty much have a game plan to burst right into the game.

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