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Reward for completing inferno

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From what Ive gathered from the Devs and testers of the difficulty's nightmare and above, Im starting to think inferno is going to kick our asses hard hah, an hour of wiping for a full group to kill a single boss? I better load up on the Red Bull now, forget rewards inferno sounds painfull.
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Ya, something non-combat would be probable. you get the achievement, banner, some cool dye, maybe an non-combat pet once they bring those back....lots of cool options!
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I know most of the WoW related ideas people have get bashed, and for good reason.

But how about actually stealing/borrowing something from it of sorts? Also this wouldn't/couldn't be implemented until an expansion anyways.

What about if you complete inferno you unlocked a special class, like an angel for softcore and a demon for hardcore, for instance? (kind of using the death knight as inspiration for this idea)

So it wouldn't be a spoiler filled thing like a special cinematic, it wouldn't be a boring banner upgrade, and it wouldn't alter gameplay in a negative way (ie give the players who unlocked it an unfair advantage). It would simply unlock something other people wouldn't have access to until they unlocked it themselves. By this definition the new classes would have to be balanced equally compared to the starting 5.
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I would imagine one of the rewards for beating Inferno is unlocking the Inferno version of the cow level, which will no doubt be harder than holding a neutron star in your hand.

Inferno Cow King will kill you before you even turn your computer on.

I for one welcome our new bovine overlord, HAIL THE COW KING!!!
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How about just getting to tell your friends that you beat inferno? I think overcoming the challenge is reward enough. It's a game -- isn't 'winning' the self-contained point of playing?
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Reward for completing Inferno?: Monsters in Inferno get slightly harder.
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Yeah hopefully it'll be difficult... but everybody will complete it...

/sips coffee
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02/11/2012 06:42 PMPosted by D3BETA
other then beening able to loot the best areas of the game, i think itd be kinda cool if there was a reward for completing inferno like unlocking a new mode or something, something thatd drive the casual player to WANT to beat the impossible mission of inferno

Well they do have an achievement system for one, surely there'll be an achievement for completing inferno. Also you don't think they'll disappoint after having the secret cow level in D2 do you? It's such an iconic part of the game that surely they'll have some kind of secret level for us to find lol, probably they won't release it till a later patch or won't tell us how to open it. Also, being able to loot the most beneficial areas in the game is the best reward you can ask for.

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