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Thoughts about no Scroll of TP or teleport

I am pretty much going into this blind, i dont think I used the 'hearthstone' to port back to town.

what are your thoughts on no scrolls of TP and seamingly no teleport spell to zap around. In d2 we could make an enigma and tele around.

I think its much more balanced this way, but the TP thing kinda urks me -

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I like it this way... Still can get into the action fast with the banners and the removal of scrolls is great.
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want enigma back !!!
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02/12/2012 01:10 AMPosted by mprakathak
want enigma back !!!

get a load of this guy
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I prefer it this way finally don't have to waste inventory space on those pesky scrolls and I always preferred wasting through legions of demons instead of porting through them.
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I miss scrolls of Town Portal. Currently, the Town Portal button seems restricted when you can use it. I have seen it pop up when I am in a dungeon, yet not when I am in another dungeon. I don't know if it's considering which quests I have done in the different games (cleared most of them on that character) but I preferred being able to use it when I damn-well please. Not being limited to when they think I should.
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Who can learn the spell of town portal?
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Who can learn the spell of town portal?

Everybody gets it after one of the first quests of the game
Edit: You have the beta, shouldn't you know ?
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