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GA (hungering arrow) pierce math (runes)

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I love guided arrow, (please, just call it GA.. I don't want to say "HA")

pierce creates DPS geometrically, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometric_series)
the formula is = damage% / (1 - Not pierce%)
.85/.65 = 130.7% avg dps

rune comparisons:
I am trying to figure out, would I want spike damage, or consistent pierce?

Gold 46% pierce, .85/.54
= 157.4% dps, more consistent dps

black rune, +24% consecutive damage on pierce
.85 SUM (.85 * .35^x*1.24^x)
= 150.17% avg dps, more spike

it is nice to see a 3 pierce arrow do 162% weapon for a hatred gen skill (3 pierces happens .35^3 = 4% of the time) and for PvP, a nice auto targeting arrow is hard to pass up

but I have a question about the black rune, is it multiplicative 85%*1.24^n, or static 85%+24%n ?

if it is static
SUM .35^x*(.85+(.24*x)) = 150.65% (not much change)
3 pierce arrow does 157% vs the 162%
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100 Tauren Druid
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02/15/2012 03:47 AMPosted by Bottle
that's 24% of 85% weapon damage, which is 20.4% weapon damage.
that would probably be the effect, ty for the review
SUM .35^x*(.85+(.24*x*.85)) = 147.67%
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I did a full exploration, complete with numerical simulation for 10,000 attacks for each color rune. I'd like to see what you guys have to say:


Seems indigo has a huge advantage in large packs, red in small.
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