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Which class is OP beta players??

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I didn't get a beta key myself, but to you beta'ers which class is overpowered in your opinion? And what do you think will be the first to be nerfed? I have my own opinion based on youtube videos and such, but what do you guys think?
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The human aspect of the game is extremely op and needs nerfed. The NPCs need a major buff.
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02/11/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Daveman
The human aspect of the game is extremely op and needs nerfed. The NPCs need a major buff.

What he said!:)
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Well, as of now, Leah is OP. She can open doors that no other class can. In all my infinite strength as a barbarian i can make mobs explode but i cant open a gate, that has a tiny lock on it.
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Demon Hunter has chakram which can be spammed But.. its beta and everything is so easy to kill that you cant really tell one way or another if the class is op.
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I think the zombies are pretty damm powerful. I mean they just seem endless. Being endless is a great power.
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health orbs too stronk
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Maybe I should word it differently and ask which class do you think will be OP once the game is released :P, or is that also impossible to tell since no one has played more than half of act 1? hmmm
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It is too hard to tell which class is OP since every single class is on Hello Kitty Carebear easy mode.

My prediction is that the Witchdoctor will be the most powerful for fighting multiple enemies at once.
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Depends on what month/patch you're playing. I wouldn't worry about which class is better than the others, but figure out which class you will have the most fun playing your first time through with.
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Wizard but its supposed to be that way early game. The developers made her that way because it's no fun to play a wizard with resource management problems early game. They made that point long ago. When you get to later levels, it WILL be balanced, and you will see every class defeat a wizard of the same level. (Yes, even a Witchdoc is good against Wiz late game.)
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the lag is op for me
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once the game goes live:

Melee chars will have to keep hitting stuff (leach) which makes them OP bcs they survive by not stopping the killing.

Ranged chars will have to keep moving and kiting which will take overall longer to kill mobs imo.

This isn't' a game where they balance dps. It's a game where dps+survivability is balanced, or attempted to be balanced.
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Witchdoctor is definitely -under-powered at beta levels.
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Too close to say, so nobody I guess. Plus, it's a beta. How would we know without reaching lvl 60?
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Good points, well I guess we'll see when the game's released. whatever happens happens right?
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