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Beta Key Giveaways - Updated 3/12


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good luck all i hope i will have one
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woot finally another shot to get into the beta
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What I actually read was:

"Hey, pretend you actually care about these sites to get a slightly higher chance to be in beta"

So, as much as I'd like to partake in the beta, I don't want to have to 'like' and join several sites in order to minutely increase my odds of getting a key. I find that kinda fake. I don't have a twitter account as I find that site annoying, I barely do anything on FB other than message friends and those fan sites should want active members that actually want to be there, not members that joined just to get a chance at beta. All those sites are all about getting a temporary boost in visits and ad revenue. Most of the people that joined those sites for this will most likely never visit them again after the contest is over. That seems lame to me
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Good luck to everyone!

..And to myself as well!
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Please consider sending keys to incgamers. It really is the best d3 fansite.
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I really cannot wait to play this game, goodluck errbody :p
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Well been trying for hours but can't log into blizzplanet. :\
Good luck everyone!

I'm blown away at how long this beta has lasted & expected to last from this point on..

I fear the game release is going to be June 26th

It’s a Tuesday; and the last Tuesday of Q2, consistent with every other title's release within the franchise, etc.

I doubt they will add much more content to the beta either. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the end game concepts are sweet enough to ensure the replayability we've all come to expect.

They've already done a great job at capturing that addictive Diablo gameplay, but have fallen short on that horror/gothic feel which included a superior musical theme.

With Blizzard’s version of the game being well ahead of the current beta, I'm confident that we'll all be ultimately happy with the finished product.

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I too echo the desire for incgamers to be represented here, but I guess I understand Blizzard not being able to promote their site since it is kinda harsh towards blizzard's development process.

I don't read the forums but I haven't seen anything but reasonable and constructive criticisms in the front page articles. That's something that should not be feared.

This whole thing is just another sad example of the work ethic video game writers (Beta kets for sites that only say nice things about Blizzard? I sure don't see any potential for conflict of interests here!) and how companies see game sites as nothing but advertisement platforms (advertisement should not be the role of the video game "press"). I am amazed how afraid of criticism Blizzard considering the beta that has so much missing content.
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Very nice! I imagine it would be even better if I still gave a damn at this point in time, but instead I feel like the few minutes I invest in writing this and complaining is a better use of my time than any sort of preconceived hope that I'll get to play D3 before retirement.
Now I just hope my gf can get in :) its boring playing & having her watch or vice versa~
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I thought the same thing, how can Diablo Incgamers stay out of this? Just love that website ...
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I really hope I get one, wish me luck and I'll light a candle for you. :) Happy demon slaying.
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Sign that the beta will be longer which means more of me having false hopes for a beta key, and more waiting for the final game. Sad panda is sad
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